Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Found Me...Somehow

It's pretty fun to look at the different Google searches that have brought people to your site. While most of my search entries read, "ceaseless praise" or "baby cry to sleep", some of them are a little funnier.

"praise your wife" - Yes, you should indeed.

"fear of needles blood pass out" - Yes I do. And I might.

"i found a dead chipmunk in bed" - wow. Sure glad I didn't. In my house was bad enough.

"don't poke the monkey" - okay. I won't.

"why would my 1 month old cry constantly?" - well, sometimes, that's just what babies do.

"anything wrong with baby sleeping in a car seat?" - the research is mixed. Z slept in his car seat A LOT, though, and he's doing just fine.

"he's got me crying once again" - I'm sorry to hear that.

"my baby wont take a bottle only a sippy cup what kinda cup can i give him" - wow, that is a really run-on sentence. And I like the Nuby sippy cups with the straw in them the best.

"few words in the praise of little girlfriend" - um, I don't know your little girlfriend...and those words would probably mean more coming from you.

"brown it in the oil" - ooh, you're making want to go watch Food right back...

"cute baby with fuzzy blond hair" - why, yes, I do have one of those, thank you for asking.

"hire a" - why would you hire a hubby? And I'm not from Canada.

"where did the work ceaseless come from?" - I don't know, but if you find out, ask if we can send our ceaseless work back, and then let me know.

"baby cries and goes to sleep constantly" - I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think I'd be concerned about my baby going to sleep constantly.

"somehow you found me" - yes, I suppose I did.

"spanked hubby blogspot" - not sure what you're referring to...

"use ceaseless in a sentence" - Okay. Here goes. 'Everyone reading this post probably wonders if it is going to be ceaseless.'


Shanilie said...

lol too funny. There are a lot of interesting blog titles out there. I really like yours.

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up! You really are making this a good Friday for me :)