Friday, November 6, 2015

Kidlet Hilarity #22

Zachary, looking down on the West Virginia mountains: "Wow, it looks like Google Earth!"

David got some sunglasses at a local event, and a few days later, they broke apart. I was going to throw them away, and he said, "You could duct tape them."

When David got his four-year-old shots, he was freaking out and kept yelling, "Her is poking me! Her is poking me!" I had to hold him down, which was awful.

David, after listening to the ABC song for preschool: "I will never sing with you." The next day, he sang the ABC song with the word Bad mixed in all through out and called it his Bad ABCs. :)

David comes in wearing just shorts, no shirt. "I'm not going to wear a shirt today", he announces.

I notice an odor coming from Zachary's feet during devotions one night, so I quietly say to him, "Zachary, you should change your socks before you go to bed." Natalie, sitting next to us, overhears, and chimes in, "Yeah, they stink! Pee-yew!"

Natalie has been wearing a glove to keep her from sucking her thumb. Today, she was walking around sucking the glove!

David: "What kind of pasta are we having? Chicken Buffido?" (Alfredo). :)

David: "Can I have some garlic bread, please pitty?"

I was teaching David from a worksheet about things that start with B. I pointed to a picture of a baby bottle and said, "What do babies eat from?" He answered, "Um, their mommies?" Me: "Well, yes. That's true. And this is a bottle." :)

David calls the clothes hamper a "hampry".

The kids ate whole apples for breakfast, and now they're in the backyard planting apple trees. Their genius plan is to plant them right next to the swingset, so they can swing up so high and grab an apple and then eat it. :)

David; "Mommy, dere a pider in my room! A tawantuwa!"

Zachary's Poems: Things in September
There's Judah's birthday, and there's Labor Day.
And oh, don't forget Mom's birthday!
Oh, the wonderful things in September.

David, helping me with breakfast: "I'll get the toaster. No worries."

David, knocking things over, "I'm a boze-dozer!"

Zachary, describing BW3's Asian Zing wing sauce: "It's like you're walking through Candy Land and boom! Suddenly, it's on fire!"

David says 'gwage' for garage.

When David hurts his ankle, he often says, "I hurt my nickel!" or "I hurt my nakle!" :)

Me: "Natalie, what did you learn about in Sunday School this morning?" Natalie: "We learned about somebody. I think his name was Minimesemus?" Me: ...... "Onesimus?"

David pretending to cook: "Here are the ga-redients."

Zachary, watching paintball at camp: "This is less exciting than I imagined."

David calls chipmunks 'chickamunks'.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kidlet Hilarity #21

Natalie: "I just made up a Bible verse. Here it is. 'Those who panic lead to death, but those who don't panic lead to life.' I told God, and he said he would add it to the Bible." Oh, dear. :)

Zachary: "Where is the remote? Oh, here it is on the dining room table, where I LEAST expected it!"

David was feeling sick in the middle of the night, so he and I were sitting on the bathroom floor, bleary-eyed, having a conversation about something. Zachary woke up, and came in to use the bathroom. When he heard that David was sick, he sat down on the hand-washing stool by the sink and told David he was sorry. I asked David to go back to his room so that Zachary could use the bathroom, and David stood up, looked at Zachary for a minute, and with his best little grumpy tired face, he said, "Could you move?" Zachary and I both burst out laughing! :) He also told me later in the night that his stomach could be hurting because he ate dirt in the backyard!! Well, yes, that could be it...

David can count to 13 now, but the rest of his counting goes like this, "13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 26, 82, 86, 89, 90, 92, 96... I counted to 96!!" :)

David still doesn't pronounce some of his words clearly, and he gets so frustrated when we can't 'unner-nand' him! He says, "You don't unner-nand me!" Nope, we don't! Yesterday, he was trying to say what he wanted on his birthday cake. I knew it was trucks, because he had showed me the specific trucks that he wanted, but Joel kept guessing, "Socks?" David said, "No, CHUCKS!" until I finally translated. :)

When David says the words 'special' and 'pretzel', they sound exactly the same. 'Special pretzel' comes out like "Pessel Pessel".

Natalie: "What if we were all born with only one leg, like, what if that's how God made people, with just one leg? It would be hard to walk."

David, while cleaning his room: "How am I supposed to pick up this many stuff? I don't have a million hands. Only two. Two hands!!" Me: "Well, you can pick up one thing at a time, then another thing." David: "No, I have two hands. I can pick up TWO things at a time. One for each hand." Me: "Yes, I guess you can."

I heard David come inside while I was vacuuming, all excited. He said, "Mommy, look what we found outside!" He was holding a little white moth by the wing or leg or some part. Me: "Oh, a moth. Is it dead?" David: "Noooooo." Me: "Okay! It's very nice! Take it back outside if it's alive, and please don't bring live bugs in the house!" :) He also brought some kind of a grub to show me while I was working on the computer this week, and he set it on my desk. I was like, "No, thank you!!"

Natalie: "Good night, Mommy. I love you. You are the bestest Mommy in the world. But you are NOT perfect." Oh, so true.

David wore a life jacket in the pool the other day, and he kept calling it his 'jet pack'. The next day he asked if he could wear his jet pack in the bathtub! :)

Zachary discussing why his forearms were covered with red paint after painting a Ninja Turtles picture: "I bet Leonardo DaVinci was dirty after he painted the Mona Lisa". :)

Natalie drew a silly face on David's birthday banner, and when she finished, she put her hand over her mouth and started giggling. "Wow, that turned out way more silly than I even imagined", she said.

David woke up in the middle of the night, crying and needing a drink. I brought him ice water in a sippy cup, and he drank about half of it in one sip. "Oh", he sputtered, "Dis is a cold ice. I am freezed into pieces." In his half-awake state, with eyes just half open, it was especially hilarious! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Streets of Gold

My grandparents with Zachary at 10 months - October 2008
My Grandma passed from death to everlasting life during the night. I can't feel sad for her. I'm picturing her running, dancing, and hugging Jesus. She's with her Savior today! Don't get me wrong, I'm grieving for those of us left here on this earth, and I miss her, but I'm so glad for her. My grandma loved the color gold - jewelry, purses, clothes, shoes. Once, she even had a pair of jeans with gold threads woven through them. It makes me smile to know that she is enjoying the streets of gold all around her today! 

Earlier this week, I was praying for her and for my Grandpa and my parents, and God brought to my mind a phone conversation that Zachary had with my grandma about two years ago when she was first diagnosed with cancer. I remembered writing (but never publishing) something about it, and after some searching, I was able to find it and thought I would finally share:

"My Grandma was recently diagnosed with cancer.  They caught it early, a little spot on her lung.  They only need to do some targeted radiation, no chemo yet.  But still, cancer is a scary word.  A scary thing.

I’ve been meaning to call her.  The phone rings, and I am able to sit and talk a minute, amongst kids playing.  She tells me the ‘plan’, and how God has brought her through this far, and she trusts that He will bring her through again.  I manage, barely, not to cry while we’re talking. 
The kids want to talk.  I hand the phone to Zachary.  He talks about the stomach flu we’ve had, and what toys he’s been playing with, and then they talk about the cancer.  I know it seems weird that a five-year-old would know about cancer, and truthfully, he has no clue, but he knows that when you have cancer, you are sick.  We pray for our friends and family with cancer.  

“You have cancer?” he asks. “Taylor has cancer, and she has to take medicine that makes her more sick for a while, and it makes her hair come out.”  He listens to what Great-Grandma has to say.  I can’t hear her side of the conversation, but I assume she’s explaining about her upcoming radiation treatments.  Soon he responds, “You’re not scared?”  He listens again while she shares the faith that her 80-some years walking with God have brought her to.  And I try not to let him see me crying.  

We are so blessed to have this heritage, passing down this faith from generation to generation.  Lord, let me not neglect the relationships between myself, my children, and the older generations in our family.  Remind me of their importance, not only to encourage those older relatives, but in passing that wisdom and deep-seated faith to me and my family in the process.  

This conversation hit me once again and I was teary-eyed while singing the song, “How Great is our God” (by Chris Tomlin) in church this morning, and I knew I had to write about it.  Here are the lyrics that spoke to my heart:

Age to age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the end
Beginning and the end

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great, is our God."

Grandma and Natalie at 4 months - April 2010
After hearing this week that my Grandma was so close to passing away, God gave me this verse to encourage my heart: "In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust." - Psalm 4:8. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Grandma laid down in peace this week, and slept in safety and confident trust, and woke up in Jesus' arms, whole, in her brand new body! That picture is such an encouragement to me! I'm praying strength and encouragement for my Grandpa during this difficult time, and also for my parents with all the arrangements that need to be made. I know we would all appreciate your prayers! 

Grandma and Davey at 5 months - December 2011
 **Friends, if you don't know without a doubt what would happen if you passed away today, I'd love to talk with you about it! Is there really anything else that matters more than this??**