Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! (a day late, but shouldn't every day be Thanksgiving, really?) :) Well, that's my excuse, anyway...

I'm so thankful today for everything that God has given me...He has blessed me immensely...I guess the best way I can think of to thank Him for all He's done is through a list of 'thankful things'.

1. Bringing me to Himself and keeping me from wandering too far from Him.
2. Bringing Hubby and I together and growing us into the couple we are today.
3. Giving us our little Jr. in His own perfect timing.
4. Even when we can't be with our extended families for the holidays, this post reminded me to thank Him that our families are healthy and for the most part, living for the Lord.
5. Providing us with countless opportunities to serve Him, at camps, churches, and in our communities.
6. Providing for us financially each day, including mountains of baby things!
7. Leading us to a wonderful, supportive church family and strong Biblical teaching at our church.
8. All the 'little extras' that He gives us, just to enjoy- like Christmas music & decorations! :)

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving & day after! :) We enjoyed a yummy turkey dinner at our neighbors with some of their extended family, and then came home to relax! I made a 'crustless' pumpkin pie, which was actually delicious, so we've been enjoying that! Today, we slept in late again, and then went to town to search for Hubby's Christmas present...which we finally found at Sam's Club, thankfully...of course, to Hubby's chagrin, I had to find something to buy at almost every store we went know, since we're there...may as well grab some _____ :) Oh, he loves it when I do that. Then we went to Wegman's cafe for lunch, and I had a calzone (yummy!). When we came home, I worked on Christmas decorations and got the tree all put up...just a couple more things to finish tomorrow! I've been playing Bing Crosby & Mannheim Steamroller all day- I love Christmas music! :)

In baby news...not much new...he has 'dropped' partway, which basically just means I'm super- uncomfortable now if I walk too much... everything is on track... 11 days until my due date, but he could really be here any time...and my doctor will only let me go about a week over due since she thinks he's so for sure in the next 18 days, he will be here! How exciting is that??? Yay! I have had two more showers- one at church, and one at TOPS, a weight-loss group that I go to- such sweet ladies! :) They surprised me with a shower on Wednesday morning! I feel like we're all ready! We've got everything we need...(I think, but really how would I know??? I've never done this before!!!) And I have another shower on Sunday night at one of the camp's supporting churches...God is so good!