Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #12

When the kids were playing one day, Zachary kept saying that they were going to "Jimmy Dean's Pizza".  And then he decided to order "superb - you know, the kind with everything on it." Lol!!  I just love to listen to them play together, the things they come up with and their interactions are just so hilarious. :)

One morning I told the kids they could have a 'jammie day', which we rarely have, and Z used to beg me for jammie days every day!! But this time he said, "I used to love jammie days, but now I'm not a fan of them."  Okayyyy... :)

One morning while I was loading the dishwasher or something, Zachary asked me, "Mom, can you stop that silly working and just play with us?"  :)

David is joining the ranks of the talkers now...he yells UT UT UT when he wants you to pick him up (or sometimes just UH UH UH, whatever he's in the mood for. :)  And when I ask him if he wants a spanking, he shakes his head and says, "Uh-uh" very emphatically.  Sometimes I do it just for fun, because it's cute....such a mean mom. :)  And sometimes he says uh-uh no matter what I ask him. :)

Zachary went through a week or so phase where anytime something didn't go his way, he would say, "Aw, shucks."  It was so adorable!  He also was looking around one day and said, "I spy a book we have, and I want to read it."

When Natalie does my hair, she leans over to my face and says, "Shhh. Don't talk."  Maybe I move my head when I talk?

Natalie loves to tell you all about herself now.  Her favorite color is purple usually, but sometimes yellow. :)  One day at dinner she told me, "I like monkeys.  And pigs.  I like pigs.  Did you know that?"  I did not.

One day when Davey was supposed to be taking his nap, he was instead calling for, "Bubba, bubba, bubba!"

When we were out somewhere I asked Zachary if he wanted to go home and have lunch (to get him moving), and he responded, "I guess so."

One day I went to grab something for school and when I came back down to the schoolroom, Z was reading a book about Jonah to Natalie in the tent.  After reading a little, he commented to Natalie, "God always finds us wherever we are, right, Natalie?"  And she answered, "Yeah! I might find you, scare you like dis- boo!"  Lol!!

One night I asked Natalie to sit still and focus on eating, and a minute later she was sitting backwards in her chair singing, "Focus! Fooooocus!  Focuuuus!"  Fundamental misunderstanding of the word focus.... :)

Natalie can be really picky about her food (though we are making headway on getting her to eat two bites of most things now), but there are so many times when she isn't eating her dinner and turns to Davey and says things like, "Just eat dat." or "Eat your food."  She also tells him to "Obey God." when she wants him to stop doing something that annoys her, as in, "No, Davey, don't touch my toy. Obey God."  She may have herself confused with God.... :)

As Natalie went out the door one day, she turned to my dad (when my parents were visiting), and said, "Don't forget to text me!"  Wonder where she heard that...  She also told him, "Exactly!  That's exactly right!"  when he was trying to play a game with her and did it the way she expected. :)

One morning when my dad was talking with Natalie on the couch, she was showing him a purse she was playing with.  She was saying, "I have dis purse.  Dis was Mommy's purse but she got a new one so she gave me dis one to play with.  Mommy is my friend. I have a good Mommy."  So sweet!!

I made a chore chart for the kids recently and when I sat the kids down and started sharing the idea with them, I told Natalie that her first chore would be throwing the laundry down the chute for me (I thought she'd be excited!), but she looked at me and laughingly said, "Mama, I'm not the mommy!"

I made the kids a button board to practice buttoning and was trying to explain to Z that it would build strong small muscles in his hands.  Later that day I handed him a bag to carry inside for me, and he said, "I can carry this. I'm strong because of my buttoning." :)

Natalie brought me her bear and asked me to babysit for her.  "I have go to a meeting and talk with my friends.  I have take shower before I go," she said. :)

Nat told Z, "Don't talk with your mouth fooding."

I made sweet potatoes (which I LOVE) for the kids recently, with brown sugar, mmmmm.  I was astounded that they HATED them.  Zachary said, "Well, Mom, everybody likes different things."  I said, "But sweet potatoes are delicious!"  His response?  "That's to YOU, Mom." :)  LOL!!

Natalie says 'nut' instead of knot - I think it is so hilarious - one day she was going on and on about a lacing string having a 'nut' in it, and I was laughing every time!! :)

Zachary was talking about foods that he likes, and he said proudly, "I'm just like Daddy."  They definitely all look up to Daddy and love him so much!! :)

Joel was trying to explain to the kids why he had to be gone for work for a week, and he sat down and talked with Zachary about it.  Zachary's first response was, "Who will I play Wii with?" and then he decided that I would do.  Then he said, "Oh, Dad, save the job for Greg."  Where that came from, I don't know, but I thought it was hilarious. :)

Zachary came waddling into Davey's room tonight as I was getting Davey ready for bath, with his pants around his knees and shoes still on, and said, "Mom, what should I take off first, my pants or my shoes? I need a clue."  I think the fact that your pants won't fit over your shoes will be a clue.... :)

We met my friend and her 20-month-old son at a PlayPlace today and he was a little upset when she left to order their food.  Natalie stayed right with him, and patted him on the shoulder, saying, "Your Mommy will be right back. She's getting some food. She be back. Let's play."  It was so sweet!!!

We are enjoying a little slower fall schedule, though we're still busy!!  Actually it feels like the last month has been crazy but I couldn't say exactly what we've been doing!  We're looking forward to a couple of slower months at camp and more time with Daddy at home over the holidays, though. :)  Preschool is going well - we'll be finishing letter J tomorrow (for Natalie), and Zachary will be finishing his fifth unit in Five in a Row - we're finishing up Mike Mulligan by Virginia Lee Burton tomorrow. :)  I'd love to post more about school, but I had to let go of that in order to actually do a good job raising my kids and teaching them school. :)  So I take a few pictures of school activities when I can and share ideas and resources whenever anybody asks me. :)