Monday, August 6, 2007

"I Got Blogged"

Well, here I am, almost to the end of our summer camp season, ready to pick back up with my normal life...which does occasionally include blogging...

Everything with Junior is going really well- I'm five months along, feeling pretty great (a little swollen some days), and being kicked constantly. I read somewhere that how active your baby is in the womb is some kind of indication of how active they'll be as toddlers. If that's true, then look out, world. Here comes the next Tasmanian devil! We have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, and hopefully we'll be able to see great pictures of Junior and figure out whether it's a girl or a boy!!!

Camp has gone well this summer, too. We had 3 weeks of youth camp, and about 20 kids accepted Christ during those three weeks. When you hear of those decisions, then all the hard work and rough days are just totally worth it. We're in our last week of family camp right now. Last week we had a BIG family camp, and Joel's parents were here for it. It was really fun to spend the week with them. This week is going well so far!

This weekend we had a lot of people from our church here for a 'church retreat'. Some of them stayed over Saturday night, and some just came for Sunday. One of the new attractions at camp this year is called The Blob, and it's basically a giant 30-foot long air pillow in the pond. The concept that one person jumps on one end, crawls to the other end, and then another, preferrably bigger, person jumps on and launches the other person off the end. Well, for some reason, the older members of our church could not get the hang of the name of the activity, and they kept thinking that it was called being "blogged". So as one man was crawling to the end, his wife's aunt is sitting at the top of the swimming hill yelling, "Are you ready to get blogged?" Another older man was confused, too, and he said, "Blogged? Why would they call it that? Doesn't that mean saying something bad about someone on the computer?"