Monday, September 2, 2013

Curriculum Plans 2013-2014

We're starting back to school here at Harts for God Homeschool tomorrow morning, with guns a-blazing! :)  I am so excited to get back to the routine, and for the new stuff the kids (and I!) will be learning this year!! :) And since it's also my birthday tomorrow, Hubby picked me up a nice birthday surprise to start the school day with - a Frappuccino! :)  In case anyone's interested, I thought I would share a quick rundown of the curriculum we're planning to use this year!  Enjoy!

Zachary: Kindergarten

-Language: A Beka Language & Phonics/Five in a Row Language
-Handwriting: Informal/Journaling
-Math: A Beka Math/Five in a Row Applied Math
-Science/Social Studies/Art: Five in a Row Volume 2
-Bible: God’s Names by Sally Michael, and one hymn/song per week.
-Music: Weekly music classes with fun songs, possibly learning to play piano/read music
-Gym: Outside Time, indoor gym class in winter

Natalie: Preschool - focus on phonics, letter & number recognition, 1:1 counting, beginning reading.
- Five in a Row alongside Z
- Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum - handwriting, letter hunts, size sorts, etc.
- Letter Games
- Sight Words

David: Tot School
- Tot Trays
- Five in a Row alongside N & Z

So, there you go!! I am excited about Zachary's new phonics and math - he has spent quite a bit of time sharpening pencils to use in his new workbooks tomorrow! :) I hope Davey can participate in more of the Five in a Row activities this year, and I am hoping to really focus on Natalie with her letters and numbers! :)

This will be our second year of using Five in a Row, and we have just loved it! Our first unit will be Harold and the Purple Crayon, which we have prepared for by watching almost an entire season of the TV show, which we checked out from the library! :) I'm so excited to get going! :)