Friday, October 5, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #11

Natalie is talking a TON lately!!  We can usually understand what she's saying, but not always.  One day after she had tried repeatedly to tell us something, Zachary said, "I think Natalie's speaking another language."

One day after church, Zachary was asking if he would get a treat since he obeyed in Sunday School.  Joel said he would have to think about it.  Zachary responded, "I think having a treat would be the yummier choice." Then he laughed this little silly laugh, like he was laughing at his own joke. :)

One day Natalie was eating a sucker and a fly was bothering her.  She said, "Little bee, you can't get on my sucker, babe!"  She has called a few other people 'babe' since then, too, I think it's so funny. :) 

David is walking well now, but he still falls down ALL the time (I know, it's a stage, hope for his sake it doesn't last too long!).  One day when he had fallen down several times, Zachary commented, "David is getting a lot of injuries today."

One day when Natalie was the one who got hurt, Zachary said, "I'm glad it wasn't me!"  Nothing like sibling love and compassion...

Natalie was standing in the pantry and I said, "Natalie, come here!"  She came out and responded, "What's up?" :)

Nat also says all kinds of hilarious sentences now. :)  She likes to tell stories, mostly about the time she went underwater in the camp pond, or the time she fell down in the driveway and hurt her knee.  The phrase, "really hard" is another one she uses all the time.  One day she told me, "I have a eedea (idea) in my pocket. I have a bouncy ball in my other pocket."

We all had colds last week, and one morning I woke up without a voice! :(  Natalie was confused about why I was whispering, and I told her that I didn't have my voice.  She looked at me like I had two heads and said, "You forgot put yours voice on?"

Natalie and Davey were having so much fun peeking at each other through a hole in a paintball course obstacle. Natalie shook her head and said, "My baby brother is funny." :)

Natalie sets up tea parties for her and Zachary occasionally, it is so fun.  One day after they had 'eaten', I heard Natalie saying to Zachary, "Are you all done yet? Okay, go play." 

She is quite the little mother - especially to Davey - one day he got the remote, and she said, "Davey, don't play with the remote, that's a disobeyin!"

In the bath one night, Natalie was talking about school. "Zachary is in Pre-K, and I am in preschool, and I learn bout apple pie, and I like Davey..." :)

I sat down for lunch with a salad - one of the mixes that has all different greens in it - and Natalie stared at me and said, "Are you eating grass??" :)

Z and Nat were playing on the porch, some kind of 'house' game, and Natalie wanted to drive.  Zachary informed her, "No, I'm the Daddy and the Daddy drives.  If Daddy's coming, Daddy drives."  I guess he knows how it is in our family! :)

Zachary has been saying plenty of funny things lately, too, I guess I just haven't written them down...he uses all kinds of big words in his sentences now, which is always fun. :)  I'll have to keep my ears open and make sure to write them down! :)  

Davey is such a joy at 14 months - a BUSY joy! :)  He is into everything, and if he gets into the pantry, his favorite thing to do is grab some empty pop cans from the recycling bin and scatter them around the house. :)  His job right now is to pretty much grab whatever he can and scatter it. :)  I have started closing the kitchen/pantry gate a LOT more lately... :)  He loves to make us laugh, and to laugh at us - you can make him laugh by just looking at him a lot of the time.  If he discovers something he does or a sound he makes that we will laugh at, he will keep doing it till he gets tired of it.  He's definitely living up to his name, David Isaac, which means beloved laughter. :)