Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kidlet Hilarity #14

I think it is just so fun to overhear the kids playing, and all the things they come up with.  Zachary somehow came up with one name that they like to tease each other with, and that name was Tooty McNittle.  It just struck me as funny, and we giggle every time they bring it up. :)

One night as Z and Natalie were sword-fighting with (plastic!) golf clubs, they were shouting, "Fight for kindness!" :)

Z: "I know where your soul is.  It's by your heart.  It's shaped like a stick.  Not like a stick with a branch sticking out.  Kind of like an oval stick, this big."

Nat, after finishing a cookie: "I want some more.  I'm still hungry."  I said, "I can get you some more chicken."  She responded, "No, never mind.  I'm full."  

David has definitely joined the hilarity in the last couple of months, too - his personality is really starting to come out. :)  One Saturday morning as we were eating breakfast at camp, I gave David a piece of bacon.  He picked it up, looked quizzically at it, bit it, took it out of his mouth, and stared at it again like he wasn’t sure what to do with it.  He has such an expressive face, and it was just so hilarious to watch!!

Nat: “My back hurts.  I hurt it at McDonald’s.  I bumped into a window and the glass was all brokeden.”  She definitely comes up with some great stories lately!!

Nat loves to ask, “What do you did today?”  and she won’t just accept your first answer, she keeps asking, “What else?  What else?”  This is her favorite dinner time conversation. J

Daddy says he likes the Gators because ‘it makes our (Florida State fans) friends mad’.  Zachary is totally confused. “Do you want to make them mad???” 

Natalie puts on a hat.  “Will you laugh at this hat?”, she asks Zachary.  “Oh, no, that might make you sad.  I won’t laugh at you,” he responds.  Natalie: “Will you please laugh at me?”  Zachary laughs at her.  “Laugh louder!”, Natalie commands. J

Z: “Natalie, you don’t cry in basketball.”

Nat: “You want one of dese gummy bears?  They’re pretty tasty!”  We love when Natalie says ‘tasty’, it is just so cute. J

I asked Zachary if he enjoyed his first trip to the dentist.  He said he didn’t like getting his teeth cleaned, because “It tasted yucky.  It tasted like guacamole.”

Natalie was too full to finish her yogurt at snack time one day.  Getting down from her chair, she said, “I will save this for later.  I will go get a plastic paper.” J

When we were reading through Katy and the Big Snow, we were talking about how the snowdrifts were three feet like (like Zachary, we said!), and five feet deep (like Mommy!).  Natalie said, “I have two feet.” J

Z asked me for a calculator.  “Why?”, I asked.  His response: “To show you how much I love you.”  Awwwww… J

David has lots of new words – two of them are hat (pronounced ah), and shoe/sock (both pronounced eesh).

Natalie: “If God ate an ice cream sandwich, would He say ‘mmmmm’? We can give him one tomorrow.”  Um, okay…

Zachary’s leg was hurting one day.  As he climbed into Daddy’s lap, he lamented, “Ohhhh, I need a walking stick.”  Of course, we all laughed.  “This is no time for jokes!” he protested. J

As the kids were watching Looney Tunes, Zachary felt the need to ask, “Mom, what are smithereens?”

Davey has this super cute pouty look that he does when he doesn’t get what he wants – he walks away with his tummy poking out and pouty lips – I love it. J

Davey says “ye-yo” for cereal (or crackers). J  As soon as we walk into the Park (children’s area) at church, Davey runs to the nursery and begs for “Ye-yo!” till he gets some! J 

Natalie and Zachary got to spend some time baking with Sandy & Kelly at camp last week, and after we all ate lunch together, there was more baking to do.  Natalie seemed tired, so I asked her if she’d rather stay or come home and take a nap.  Her response?  “You leave.  I bake.”  Okay!

One day Zachary ran to find me in the bathroom, “Mom! Natalie is tempting me to ride on the kitchen gate!” J

Natalie got all the spoons out of the drawer to make shapes on the table with them, coating them all with whatever we were eating at the time.  I said, “Natalie, now all the spoons will be dirty at lunch.”  Her response – “Oh, we can use forks.”  Okay then.

Joel was talking with Zachary about something, and Z asked what they would do.  After Joel told him, he responded, "Oh. That's a good solution."  

Davey has a word/noise for car (“vvvvvv”).  He jumped down from my lap and I said, “where are you going?”  He responded, “vvvvv”, and went to get a little car.  He also makes the same noise while he plays with his cars, tractors, or trains. J  He also has a word for snow – “brrr”! J  He loves to nod his head to everything, whether it’s true or not, and he says, “Uh-uh” while he nods. J  He is definitely daily living up to his name, “Beloved laughter”!! J  This stage (18-24 months) is just my favorite stage – new words every day, you can almost see the wheels turn as they learn and process SO much!!  He is starting to really enjoy things like coloring and playdough along with the other two!  Such a joy!!