Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yesterday, I let someone hurt my baby.

It sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, it was. Zachary had his 2-month doctor's appointment yesterday and got his first shots. :( It was SO sad!!! I cried. He got these cute little bandaids on his legs, and after eating a bottle and calming down, he was fine, but I'm still sort of traumatized. :(

Last week I was singing a hymn to Zachary about God giving His Son to die for us, and I started thinking about it, and just started crying. Because especially now that I have a son, I can't imagine choosing to give him up to someone to hurt and kill him. Even if it would save all the people in the world. I guess it just hit me more than it ever has before how much it really cost God to give up his Son for us. And to watch someone hurt him so that we could have life. It's pretty amazing what God can use to teach us more about Himself.