Friday, November 6, 2015

Kidlet Hilarity #22

Zachary, looking down on the West Virginia mountains: "Wow, it looks like Google Earth!"

David got some sunglasses at a local event, and a few days later, they broke apart. I was going to throw them away, and he said, "You could duct tape them."

When David got his four-year-old shots, he was freaking out and kept yelling, "Her is poking me! Her is poking me!" I had to hold him down, which was awful.

David, after listening to the ABC song for preschool: "I will never sing with you." The next day, he sang the ABC song with the word Bad mixed in all through out and called it his Bad ABCs. :)

David comes in wearing just shorts, no shirt. "I'm not going to wear a shirt today", he announces.

I notice an odor coming from Zachary's feet during devotions one night, so I quietly say to him, "Zachary, you should change your socks before you go to bed." Natalie, sitting next to us, overhears, and chimes in, "Yeah, they stink! Pee-yew!"

Natalie has been wearing a glove to keep her from sucking her thumb. Today, she was walking around sucking the glove!

David: "What kind of pasta are we having? Chicken Buffido?" (Alfredo). :)

David: "Can I have some garlic bread, please pitty?"

I was teaching David from a worksheet about things that start with B. I pointed to a picture of a baby bottle and said, "What do babies eat from?" He answered, "Um, their mommies?" Me: "Well, yes. That's true. And this is a bottle." :)

David calls the clothes hamper a "hampry".

The kids ate whole apples for breakfast, and now they're in the backyard planting apple trees. Their genius plan is to plant them right next to the swingset, so they can swing up so high and grab an apple and then eat it. :)

David; "Mommy, dere a pider in my room! A tawantuwa!"

Zachary's Poems: Things in September
There's Judah's birthday, and there's Labor Day.
And oh, don't forget Mom's birthday!
Oh, the wonderful things in September.

David, helping me with breakfast: "I'll get the toaster. No worries."

David, knocking things over, "I'm a boze-dozer!"

Zachary, describing BW3's Asian Zing wing sauce: "It's like you're walking through Candy Land and boom! Suddenly, it's on fire!"

David says 'gwage' for garage.

When David hurts his ankle, he often says, "I hurt my nickel!" or "I hurt my nakle!" :)

Me: "Natalie, what did you learn about in Sunday School this morning?" Natalie: "We learned about somebody. I think his name was Minimesemus?" Me: ...... "Onesimus?"

David pretending to cook: "Here are the ga-redients."

Zachary, watching paintball at camp: "This is less exciting than I imagined."

David calls chipmunks 'chickamunks'.

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