Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God definitely has a sense of humor.

And I'll tell you, He's been using it this week, laughing at me. As I mentioned, our camp's gas went out on Friday. We still have no gas, but we have a kerosene heater rigged up & an electric heater in Z's room, just to make sure he's warm enough. :) Repeat after me: First. Time. Mom. Right? :)

Our stove & oven still aren't working, which is a delightful excuse not to cook-I love it. :) We still have a fridge & microwave- and what more do you need, really? And when the gas went out, I assumed our hot water (like EVERY other water heater on the entire camp) would go out, too. So when we still had hot showers on Saturday morning...and Sunday morning...I figured that we just had a really well-insulated hot water tank & we were still using up the hot water that was left in the tank.

On Saturday, I didn't want to waste our (surely) dwindling hot water supply by running it all the way to the kitchen on the other end of the house to do dishes, so I dutifully spent 15 minutes heating water in the microwave and coffeepot and pouring it into the sink. Then, proud of this resourcefulness and ingenuity, I updated my facebook status to reflect my accomplishment and recieved several complimentary comments. Oh, internets, pride goes before a fall, does it not???

When I still had a hot shower on Monday morning, I decided to finally take five minutes to empty my hubby's clothes out of his closet, and pop in there to check the water heater. In large letters on the side of the tank, our water heater reads, "Electric Water Heater". Yup. And the rest of our staff hasn't had a hot shower since Thursday. I really wish I would've taken those five minutes a few days earlier...

And so of course I had to re-update my facebook friends with my silly miscalculation. Here is what my status read yesterday morning: Carrie says, "Hello, folks, we have an ELECTRIC water heater. Off to clean bathrooms so our whole staff can come over to take showers." I got several comments about how hilarious this was in light of my dishwater microwaving experience, of course. :)

And I can just picture God laughing at me as I was heating that water in the microwave the other day- He DOES have a sense of humor, doesn't he??? :)

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