Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mommy Guilt

As Denise addressed in her post, most of us Mommies feel guilt about a LOT of things regarding our kids. I think it's a natural part of being a mom - we'll never be perfect, and there are always things we can do better! I think I need to read the book that Denise recommends in her post! :) But here are my 'guilty lists', just to share, and hopefully make some of you feel better about your parenting. :)

10 Things I do NOT Feel Guilty About: (this list is MUCH harder than you might think)

1. Leaving Z in the nursery at church and MOPS.
2. Letting Z go to sleep on his own in his crib.
3. Giving Z fruit instead of veggies at 4 of his 5 meals/snacks a day.
4. Letting Z watch Sesame Street in his exersaucer for an hour every day while I get a shower and check email.
5. Wearing Z while I work in the kitchen at camp or do housework.
6. Singing songs & reading books to my little boy all day long.
7. Hugging & kissing Z as often as I can.
8. The state of his wild hair, and the fact that it really does 'need' to be cut.
9. Letting him wear the same jammies two nights in a row.
10. Not making Z wear real shoes- Robeez work great for right now.

10 Things I DO Feel Guilty About:

1. Feeding Z junky 'toddler food' like mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and fish sticks every day.
2. Finishing a post or an email while Z cries or plays in his bed after he wakes up from his nap.
3. Wishing Z would quit being grouchy when I know he's in pain from teething.
4. Letting Z watch more than one hour of Sesame Street a day.
5. Z doesn't drink NEARLY enough whole milk, so I supplement with cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.
6. When Z's schedule gets messed up by things I want to do like Mother's Group, camp or church activities.
7. Leaving Z with his Daddy so I can hang out by myself for a few minutes (and write this post). :)
8. Leaving Z with a babysitter so his Daddy and I can go out.
9. Not leaving Z with a babysitter more than we do.
10. Not disciplining Z consistently enough for certain things he shouldn't touch.

I am tempted to add lots MORE to the guilty column...and this doesn't even touch the other areas of my life- I feel guilty for the way I keep my house, the way I do my job at camp, the state of cleanliness in my office, how long it's been since I've written to certain people or called them...and on and on.

I know God doesn't want us to live in guilt, but in His grace. I guess I still need to learn this even more each day. :)


Anonymous said...

I hopped over here from Marla Taviano's blog. This is an interesting exercise. I have mommy guilt on a daily basis, but my lists are not always consistent. Sometimes I feel guilty about choosing to spend an hour on my computer instead of with my children and other days I find this to be a wonderful thing for them, teaching them they are not the center of the world. I'm also guessing your lists will change as Z gets older. My two are 5 and 3 1/2 years old, so my daily struggles are different than yours. Finding a balance between grace and responsibility is a lifelong struggle, I think.

Unknown said...

I'm just impressed you were able to balance your lists! :-) Mine is so heavily loaded with guilt right now, i dont know if i could even come up with 10 things i dont feel guilty about (even though I'm sure they are there!) being a work at home mom to a 5 month old makes balancing things tough! ps - I just found your blog from Marla's and look forward to reading more. What kind of camp do you work at? my hubby and I work for a Christian camp in Georgia (it's for inner-city kids) and love it!