Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Vocabulary Lesson (and necessary translation) from Z:

"at" = hat
"ot" = hot
"oggie" = doggie
"octie" = kitty
"ock" = sock
"uck" = duck
"all duh" = all done
"ot duh" = hot dog (sounds exactly the same as 'all done')
"all gah" = all gone
"tay-to" = potato
"ah-no" = Elmo
"ca-ca" = cracker
"na-na" = banana
"onk" = honk
"boo" = Pooh
"da-da" = Da-da
"ma-ma" = Mama
"gah" = junk (Mama's favorite exasperated utterance) :)
"bbbbbbbbbb" = bubbles
"noggin" = noggin

All words should be uttered in an excited tone of voice, with the emphasis on the first syllable- i.e. "NA-na". Sometimes it may be appropriate to squeal the first syllable, especially if you see an "octie" or "oggie" on your porch, or you really want a banana. If the word is only one syllable, you may repeat it over and over, i.e. "at at at at at" or "uck uck uck uck" until someone understands what it is that you want and hands it to you.

If someone does not hand you the desired item, it may be necessary to throw a tantrum to get said person's attention. Infuriatingly, sometimes the person may sit there and watch you throw tantrums, and even take pictures of your tantrum without handing over the object of your desire. At this point, it may be best to calm down and take another approach. :) least I'm hoping he'll start to learn that last sentence at some point.... :)

These last few days, Z has just been extra-naughty. He has really started to just look me straight in the face and defy me...over and over...and then, of course, he receives a swat, but, oh, how I hate spanking him... :( And when he tests me over and over, I just feel so discouraged, and I think, "Will he ever learn? Is he getting anything from these swats???" I know it's just a stage, and it won't last forever, but I feel like a terrible parent on the days when I look forward to naptime & bedtime with all my being.

Some parts of parenting a toddler are NO fun, but his adorable emerging vocabulary is one of the more delightful parts. :)


Janine said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
One of my purposes in life is to assure ALL mothers that they are NOT horrible mothers just because they need time to themselves!!!
You NEED that .... SO you can be a good mom.
You also need time away .... with girl friends, SO ... you can be a good mom AND a good wife.
You, my friend, are a wonderful mother ..... really.
Now .... go in peace.

Scribbit said...

I miss the fun phrases they come up with. David used to say "I think nope." whenever he answered negatively.