Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This should be a law of physics...or something.

If you put a tuna sandwich on your toddler's high chair tray, and you eat a piece of pizza yourself, your toddler will refuse the tuna and cry for the pizza. Smart kid, right?

The next day, if you feed your toddler a piece of pizza, and try to eat a tuna sandwich yourself, your toddler will scream, refuse the pizza, and cry for a bite of your tuna sandwich.

I think my new mealtime strategy will involve putting Z's meal on my plate and my meal on his highchair tray.

**Also, my cousin's son Weston needs prayer!** Weston is 15 months old, was born about 5 weeks prematurely because his kidneys were blocked & failing, but then after he was born, he wasn't toxic, so they decided to wait until he grew & got stronger to do surgery. He has been doing so well all along, that they still haven't done the surgery. But now his kidneys are toxic, blocked, and beginning to fail, so the original surgery they were going to do may not be enough now. He may need dialysis and a kidney transplant. Please pray for Weston, and for encouragement for his parents, Tausha & Matt! I can't imagine what God's plan in this could be, but I know He does have a plan.


Shanilie said...

lol I think there is a some sort of law somewhere that says you want what you can't have....or out of sight isn't always out of mind.

hvplace said...

Just took a moment to pray for Weston and his parents. Thanks for telling us about it.