Friday, February 13, 2009

The Sweetest Sound

My ears have just begun to hear the sweetest sound.

The sound that I have been waiting and longing to hear for so many years.

A tiny voice, knowingly calling me 'mama'.

Sure, he's babbled the 'm' sound up to this point, so I've heard the sound 'mamamamama' come out of his mouth, but for him to lean towards me from Daddy's arms, or point to a photo of me on the wall, and joyfully proclaim, "Mama!" is an amazing experience. Each time I hear it, my heart overflows with love for my boy, and gratefulness to God for blessing me with this sweet lil' guy.

And can I just say...people-don't steal my joy. I know that on some long day I'll get tired of his chattering and of hearing, "Mommy, Mo-om, Mommy, mommy mommy mommy mommy MOMMY..." ad infinitum. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, in response to my jubilation about Z's emerging vocabulary, "Oh, yeah, it's fun at first, but before too long, you'll be wishing he would just be quiet." I understand that. I have taught preschool, after all. But for now, I'm enjoying it immensely, and will not give those statements the time of day. So don't waste your breath. :)

And I'm off to cherish some more minutes with my little boy before he grows even more before my eyes.

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hvplace said... sweet! :o)

Shanilie said...

Wow growing so much. Isn't it wonderful when they say Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the sweetest sound. Well, second only to those uncontrollable, contagious giggles that bubble out of toddlers. I LOVE those! And don't let anyone spoil your joy. Tomorrow will come soon enough. You don't want to get there only to realize you wished away today. Treasure every moment!

Unknown said...

aw yay! :-) I am so excited for that day! :-)

Scribbit said...

You make me remember those sweet little noises--like the first big belly laugh they make and how it kind of shocks them when they make it.

Jordan McCollum said...

For some reason, I really wanted my kids to call me Mama, but my son started a Mommy and went to Mom for a long time before he got to Mama.


And you know what? Just when I'm ready to beg him to just BE QUIET FOR FIVE SECONDS!, that's when he says, "Guess what, Mom? I yubs you!"

Mozi Esme said...

Oh cherish those moments! I'm missing the old times already as my baby turns 2 in a couple of weeks - while reminding myself I need to treasure the moments now! Like when I dropped her off at child care at the gym the other day for the first time. She unlatched the door all by herself, walked in, and started playing before I could even check her in. Not a glance back, no chance to say goodbye. I finished my yoga class and came back to get her an hour later. The sweetest "Hi Mommy!" out of her mouth when she saw me back, but then she went right back to playing and had to be coaxed to leave.