Friday, February 20, 2009

It's cold in here. Brrrrrr...

The camp's gas went out...we have gas heat, stove, and water heater in our home & up at camp. Thankfully our power is still on, so we have water & fridge & microwave & lights & fans (for sleeping)...And computer & phone & TV- thankfully! :) The leak problem is on the gas company's end, they said it could be up to 2-3 weeks before they get it fixed! The camp director is working on picking up some kerosene heaters to keep our pipes from freezing in cabins & in our staff houses. It's currently about 50 degrees in our house, but we have a little electric heater in Z's room, so he's napping soundly. If you think of us, please pray that we'll get this situation resolved quickly! :(

We had to cancel this weekend's retreat group- but they were able to reschedule in a couple of weeks, so that's definitely a blessing. We have big winter retreats scheduled for the next two weekends, though, and nobody wants to spend a weekend in the snow without a hot shower. :( The good news is, though, that Hubby will be home tonight & tomorrow evening for some extra family time! :)


Z has discovered his love for Nilla Wafers this week. He adores them. This afternoon, I was trying to finish a couple things in the camp office, so I was handing him Nilla Wafers to keep him occupied for a few more minutes... the next thing I know, he's crying in a concerned voice, "coo-ca, coo-ca, coo-ca", and tossing everything from the office trash can behind him onto the floor.

Once I noticed what was going on, I asked, "Zachary, honey, what are you doing?" and he pointed into the garbage can and said sadly, "Coo-ca". Apparently he was digging for a cookie that he had dropped into the trash can. Thankfully, he could not reach it, and I gave him another one. :) I love when I can understand what he wants & help him. :)

Communication is wonderful, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I second that communication thing. The first time you can *get* what your baby is trying to tell you is a priceless moment.

And he was after cookies no less? Smart boy!