Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preschool - Letter C!

Well, we did study the letter C! A while ago now! :) It took me a while to get this post together for some reason - but here's what we learned about last week! :)

Here's our circle time center, all set up for the letter C! I haven't shared much about what we do during circle time, but we start by looking at the calendar, and crossing off what day it is today. Then we change the date on the circle time board, and sing the "months of the year" song - to the tune of Ten Little Indians - yelling when we get to the current month. :) Then we put the day of the week on the right day, and sing the "days of the week" song, to the tune of the Addams Family, again yelling when we get to the current day. Then we discuss the letter, and what starts with that letter, and the rhyme, color & shape of the week. Then we talk about the weather, turn the dial to the right weather, and then Z gets to pick out some clothes that are appropriate for the weather and velcro them up. Finally, we count to the same number as the date, by putting gumballs up on the gumball machine. :) This usually takes about ten minutes at the beginning of our school time.

Next, we move on to Bible time. We start by looking at our verse, and saying it together (at the end of the week, I turn the board around & we say it without looking). Then we listen to our song (from the Summer Celebration CD), and dance and sing while we listen, of course. :) One day a week, we read a corresponding Bible story (this week was the Fiery Furnace, a story that Z loves, we read from Egermeier's Bible Story Book, and we don't always do this at 'school time'- this week we read it at a meal or snack time, I can't remember which), and one day we read through the song lyrics and talk about exactly what they mean. Then we do our 'active exercise card', and then review our sight words for the week.

Then, we move on to our daily work - starting with worksheets, or crafts, then moving on to games and other school activities. This week, we made Caterpillar C's. I got the idea at No Time for Flashcards, but tweaked it a little. :) Zachary started by using a circle punch to punch out circles from several different colors of construction paper. He loves to punch, so that's mostly why I used the punched circles instead of pom-poms.

Natalie glued some punched circles on her letter C (which is from here).

Zachary put some glue on his construction paper C...

and he glued some circles on.

Here's Zachary's caterpillar C!

And here's our ABC on the wall with the rest of our alphabet from last year. :)

And here's Natalie's caterpillar C! :) She loved the little eyes the most! :)

Zachary did a Beginning Sounds worksheet from!

Then he did a counting worksheet, also from

He wrote a letter C, which he did very well! :) (worksheet here)

We played this Caterpillar Dice Game, which used math & counting to figure out how many spaces to move. Even Natalie enjoyed rolling the dice a few times. :)

Zachary did his dot painting sheet (From Homeschool Creations), while Natalie dot painted on a coloring page. :)
Then they colored with crayons, Natalie on her Big Bird coloring page, and Zachary in his alphabet coloring book (from Priddy books).

Z did a great job coloring in the lines!!

Then we used our Blend Ladders with our magnetic alphabet to make some words!

Zachary really loves this activity & asks me how to spell words the whole time. :)

Another activity that he absolutely loves is his Letter Hunt worksheet (found here).

He worked on writing a number 3, but got very frustrated with trying to write one on his own, on the bottom line. (worksheet here)

We played with puzzles, I picked an easy one for Natalie to match up (with the animals, I think this one is from the Dollar Tree), and she did a good job matching up some of the animals! Zachary played with a Melissa & Doug fishing puzzle, and then they switched. :)

We made caterpillars turn into butterflies this week! First we made our caterpillars out of a clothespin & some pom-poms, and then we made cocoons out of toilet paper rolls & some yarn. The caterpillars waited in their cocoons for a few days....

while we painted wings for them... (as you can see, Natalie enjoyed this...I think she was mad because she wanted a different color of paint?)

Zachary's painting on his coffee filter...

we got a little too much paint (it came out of one of the finger paint containers really fast!), so we stamped with the extra on plain paper.

Natalie did eventually enjoy painting. :)

Here is the finished product! (I got this idea here).

Zachary built with his Waffle Blocks this week, he had a lot of fun with them. :)

And we played Candy Land, which was actually not as fun as I remember..... :) but it was fun, I'm sure we'll play again. :)

Here's Davey showing off his new skill - rolling onto his side! He's only done this once, but he's definitely starting to scoot more, especially in his crib, and he was using his hands to bat around the toy that hangs from his car seat this week, too. He is ten weeks old now!

Well, I'm not linking this post to anything, since I'm so late getting it done, but you should check out everyone else's great ideas at Preschool Corner and Tot School! :)

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Julie said...

I LOVE the caterpillar, cacoon, butterfly project! My kids are really into those right now. I think they would have a lot of fun making those :o)