Sunday, October 16, 2011

Preschool - Letter E!

Hard to believe we're already done with letter E! We had a good time studying E this week, though it ended up being quite a busy week!

We did circle time each day:

And for our Bible time this week, we focused on the commandment about taking a Sabbath day. Our verse was about God resting on the 7th day after creating the world, and we talked about that being the foundation for our sabbath day each week. Our song was called Rest, from the Summer Celebration CD (website here), and for our Bible story we read about Creation and then talked about God resting.

We started by dot painting a page with a small and large E on it (From COAH):

Z did a great job!

Then Z colored a letter E page with an elephant & earth on it:

And Natalie colored on her dot painting Ee page:

We played a clothespin game where we matched clothespins with a letter on them to a disk (of laminated paper) that has something that starts with each letter around the edge - this was super easy to make and a great tool for matching letters & beginning sounds - she also has a version where you match uppercase & lowercase, and I have those, too, but we didn't use them this week. :) You can find these here.

Natalie played with some other clothespins I had. :)

Zachary and I did some number puzzles that involve counting, and he LOVED these! The next day we did even another one, so we counted to 30 with these puzzles this week! (found here)

We also did an elephant Color By Number this week - Natalie just scribbled on hers:

But Zachary thought the concept was fun and did a good job on his!

You can find this here.

We did some cutting practice (found here):

And we made elephant E's! Here's Natalie pretending to glue:

And coloring on her E:

Zachary's Elephant E! I let him put the trunk pointing down because he wanted to, but I think it would have looked better pointing up. :)

It was a pretty rainy week, but we did manage to get out for one cold walk in between rainstorms! Here's Natalie pointing at something. :)

And examining something we pulled off a tree by the driveway.

We also examined a plant with burrs on it & discussed how burrs are one way seeds travel from one place to another.

Zachary decided to help some of them along... :)

We went to the park with Daddy on his day off this week - it was so fun! :) Here's Zachary playing:

And Zachary standing on his chair:

And the requisite cute picture of Davey!

The school year is going SO fast, it is just crazy to me! So thankful for the opportunity to teach my little blessings! :) I'm linking this post to Tot School and Preschool Corner, if you want to see what great ideas everyone else has, head on over to those sites! :)


Unknown said...

Found you on Tot School! Your kids are so adorable! Our kids are all very close in age! :) Looks like you guys had a great week! Love your circle time centre, something for me to aspire to! ;)


bgorden said...

cute - love all the pictures. So I am guessing you superimpossed the name/letters on your faces on the blog header... but how fun would it have been write them on there! My kids would have giggled for weeks about it =-)
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