Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Thoughts

I love that Zachary uses the word "clumbe" (pronounced 'kloom') to describe when he climbed up something - he will say, "I just clumbe up onto the ladder and slid down the slide!" :)

We took David to the dr. this week, and Z was so cute with him - sitting on the table next to him, saying, "Oh, David, you're okay. David, you're so cute." When the dr. turned Davey over onto his back, Zachary said excitedly, "Oh, tummy time, David! Tummy time!" The doctor and I thought it was hilarious. :)

Natalie is joining in the talking fun, too, especially lately - she's even started saying two or three words together! One day at snack time we were eating yogurt parfaits with frozen berries in them, and she said, "Berries coooold." Then she looked over at Zachary and said, "Bubba! Bubba berries cold?", asking if his berries were cold, too. :)

Natalie is in love with her purple crocs - they are girly ballet-shape shoes with butterflies on them. One day I told her to get her shoes and she said, "Purple. Shoes purple." She walked to her room and came back with the purple crocs! :)

One day we were getting ready to go on a walk and I told Natalie that I just had to wrap David in the stretchy wrap (like a Moby), and then we'd be ready to go. The next thing I know, while I'm changing Davey's diaper, Nat is dragging the big long wrap in so I can put it on! :)

Natalie loves Bob the Builder. Whenever she sees him, she squeals, "Bob!" We have a little toy of Bob the Builder, and Natalie carries it around all the time, kissing it repeatedly. :)

Natalie also sings - mostly things that repeat over and over in songs - like from the worship song, Undignified, Natalie sings "Na na na na na Hey!" It's really cute.

I love fall. Something about the gorgeous leaves, the cooler weather - I love hot summer, but somehow the coolness of fall is just welcome. I always get the feeling of trying to squeeze in some last outside time (since our winters here are SO long and SO snowy), which makes every outing to the creek or woods or camp playground that much more exciting and meaningful, wondering how many more times we'll be able to enjoy the outdoors without dressing in boots and mittens!

Walking down the back steps the other day reminded me of coming to work on the house last year...last October/November, our house was just a project and a dream. I came over every spare minute to paint and sand and scrape wallpaper, Joel spent every minute he could working in the house, and all kinds of people were in and out helping us make our remodeling dreams a reality. Natalie was still just crawling around, and we couldn't let her down in the living room area because of all the construction. And we didn't even KNOW about Mr. Davey yet (who is now TWO MONTHS old - and weighs 14 lbs - little chunker!!!) It is hard to believe we have lived here for 10 months now! We are so thankful for the house God has given us!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing the cutie things little kids say. Gracie has started calling the McDonald's sign "cheeseburgers." If you draw that M-shaped arch and ask her what it is, she'll say cheeseburger every time. Little weirdo. :)

Julie said...

Aww, so fun :o) Hope you enjoy these last few days of fall... Its been so beautiful.