Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Coffee

I like coffee. As I write this, I am enjoying a delicious cup of decaf, sweetened with Splenda, and full of sugar-free vanilla caramel creamer. Mmmmmm...hardly any calories or carbs, and YUM. Occasionally I like to put a spoonful of whipped topping on the top of my coffee & eat it as it tastes like ice cream - so good. :)

The other morning, Z & I were out, to my nutritionist appointment and then playing at the park, and I needed to stop by a local grocery store to grab one ingredient for dinner on the way home. As we entered the store, I noticed a sign that said "Tim Horton's Express". oooooooooooo... I think I need two things now.... :) I wandered around the whole store looking for the Tim Horton's Express counter, and then I finally realized it was actually a little bar-type area near the deli, with some self-serve cappuccino machines sitting on a counter. But these weren't your gas station cappuccino machines, no, they were real Tim Horton's coffee machines! You could order a cappuccino or a latte...or both... :) And you could add flavoring & your own sugar (Splenda for the diabetic, please). I ended up getting a medium hazelnut latte...and wow, was it good. :) It definitely carried me through the rest of the day! What a great idea - a self-serve Tim Hortons! Wonder how much it would cost to have a Tim Horton's Express counter set up in my house??? :)

I love iced coffee drinks, too, but they typically have so much sugar in them that I haven't been able to have them since developing gestational diabetes. So I have been searching and concocting and have found my own new favorite iced coffee recipe - homemade! I thought I would share! :) I love the versatility of making it myself, because I can do decaf in the evenings or half-caff in the mornings, and I use Splenda to sweeten it so I don't have to worry about carbs. :) So here we go, enjoy!

Carrie's Favorite Iced Coffee Recipe

1. Make double-strength coffee. I usually use a cup and a half of water (5-oz. cups) with 3 T. of coffee for my double-strength.

2. Add the sweetener, as I said, I use Splenda, and I use a lot. :) Probably 2-3 teaspoons per coffee drink.

3. Cool the coffee. It can cool for just a few minutes or even overnight before you add the ice, it doesn't really matter.

4. Add ice - about 6-8 cubes, depending how strong you like your coffee...and how much room there is in your mug... :)

5. Add whole milk to taste - I suppose you could use half & half or liquid creamer, but I always use whole milk - a little less than 1/2 cup for my taste.

You can add your own flavorings to this recipe - a little vanilla, or a pinch of cocoa can give it a different flavor, or you can just use flavored coffee to begin with.

Let me know if you have good luck with this recipe or find a better way to tweak it & make it even more delicious! :)


On a much sadder note, Stellan is back in the hospital with persistent SVT again. And it's his first birthday tomorrow. Poor little guy. I hope we can all take a minute to pray for his family, they've been through so much in the last year. Visit for updates, or follow MckMama on Twitter. And whatever else you do, please pray!!!


Tiffany said...

Doesn't that just break your heart about STellan? I have been praying all day.
Oooh, a fellow coffee lover! I have never had Tim Horton's - they are not around here. I am hopelessly addicted to Starbucks, though! My hubby and I are coffee snob! {grin} I just might have to try your iced coffee! I hate sugar or milk in hot coffee - just black, but I don't mind a bit in iced coffee. Weird.

Shanilie said...

mmm iced coffee sounds really tasty and WOW 32 weeks pregnant already. Where does the time go? I know i'v been so busy this summer it's terrible how the blog is suffering haha hopefully im back for a while. Looking forward to meeting your new little one.

Def. praying for stellan

Rebecca said...

You make me sooooo want coffee...I can taste it now!
And it just breaks my heart about Stellan - will be praying!

Tiffany said...

I gave you a bloggy award! Check out my site! {grin}