Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tot School

Well, since our family was on vacation, we haven't been doing MUCH for Tot School, but we did color while on vacation, and play with some new lacing cards, which I will have to get pictures of this week. The lacing cards are animals, and you can also use them as puzzles & match them up with the cards they fit in.

Since we returned from vacation earlier this week, we have done a couple of activities. We 'made a punkin' on Wednesday afternoon, which made Z very excited. Actually he wasn't too into the whole process of ripping the construction paper (I ended up doing most of the crafting part of it), but he loved using the glue stick, and he really loves seeing the 'punkin' up on the fridge. He looks at it and says, "Made a punkin. Make a punkin 'gain." And I assure him that we will...sometime soon. :) Here is the much-loved pumpkin:

So that was our big activity for the week (and I didn't even have the camera handy during the process, so this is the only picture I got!) - other than that, we've spent time coloring, playing with puzzles and our stuffed letters, and identifying colors and numbers and reading fall books. I am really slacking on getting Tot School pictures, though, while we're learning - I'll try to do better this week. :) Zachary is just amazing me with all he's learning, though - at 22 months, he can count to twelve on his own, identify the numbers 1-9 (except he gets 6 mixed up with 9), identify several colors, and identify most of his letters. His vocabulary and sentence structure is just exploding once again with all kinds of new phrases that really resemble adult speech, like, "Daddy driving to house", or "punkin with face on it". This stage is so much fun!!!

He also loves music & his daddy & I have been teaching him a bunch of songs, leaving out the end word of each phrase, and he'll supply the missing word, for example: "Row, row row your " (then he says, "Boat!") "gently down the" ("Stream") "Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily, Life is but a" ("dream"). It is super cute. :) He has also learned that music comes out of the computer speakers, while Mommy checks email, so he'll point to them and say, "Music come out!" :)

In other kid news, two months from today is baby girl's due date!!! I have been rather uncomfortable with a lot of pain in my tailbone area whenever I sit much lately, and this afternoon and evening I've had some pain all down my side, so hopefully that will go away soon! Other than that, everything is perfectly healthy - baby girl had a great heartbeat in the 150s at my appt. on Thursday...and I now have to go every 2 weeks since I'm 31 weeks along - this whole pregnancy is passing so fast - I can't even believe she'll be here in less than nine weeks!

So I guess this is more of an update on my family - next week I'll have more pictures of our favorite tot teaching tools to share, I hope! :) To make up for my lack of pictures, I will simply close with a couple of gratuitous adorable pictures of Zachary in his Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. :)

And for more Tot School posts, head on over the the website - lots of great ideas!!!


Stefanie said...

He sure is a smart little guy!

Tiffany said...

I am so impressed with what your little guy is learning! That is great! They really are like a sponge at this age. I cannot wait to see photos of your sweet newborn girly! You will love having a girl in the house!

Heather of the EO said...

Oh my, that really is adorable, that sweatshirt :)

Sorry about the tailbone pain, that stinks!