Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shower Day

I was able to have a little bit of 'away time' today - and went to a friend's baby shower at a cute little bed & breakfast near our church. It was a beautiful place, and the shower was catered deliciously, including these amazing pumpkin cupcakes - they had caramel cheesecake frosting. MMMMmmmmmm.... :)

My friend Jen's baby boy, is due just a couple of weeks after my little girl, and she is such a cute pregnant lady! :) She has this adorable basketball belly on her front and that's all! :) She got lots of nice things for the baby And Jen got LOTS of nice gifts for the baby, so that was great.

It was a SURPRISE shower - so that was lots of fun. When Jen opened the door, she saw her sister & mom from Ohio & then rounded the corner to the other 20 of us who had come from the area to celebrate. She was totally surprised & super excited. :) I was rather nervous about the whole thing (actually had a bad dream about it a couple days ago), because I didn't know that many people that were going...but it turns out I recognized a few people & got to know a few more!

When the B&B owner opened the door for me to enter, she said, "Oh, you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Oh, you look familiar, too", I responded. And then it clicked. "Um, you used to be my gynecologist," I said. Teensy bit awkward!!! :)

MORE awkward than that was the fact that one of my friends had pulled into a really muddy part of the yard & gotten her van stuck - trying to keep the shower a surprise for Jen & all, she didn't want her to see her car. And the B&B owner (and former gynecologist) was NONE too happy about the stuck van. My friend's hubby had to come in his truck at the end of the shower & attempt to pull her out - and he was leaving HUGE ruts in the yard as he tried to get her out (and eventually succeeded). I felt so bad for her as they worked on getting the van out while the owner stood watching with her hands on her hips! I guess my friend has to go back and fix the ruts at a later date now!

But all in all, it was a wonderful, relaxing time. It was great to get together with friends & ooh & aah over adorable baby clothes & discuss our own experiences. Don't we moms just LOVE to discuss childbirth & babies???

And now I really want to go bake some pumpkin cupcakes...or I'd settle for just a tub or two of that frosting...


Tiffany said...

Sounds like fun! Well minus your friend getting stuck and the ruts. And those pumpkin cupcakes sound so yummmmm!! I might have to find a recipe. Was it cream cheese icing?? That is my favorite. {grin} I am a sucker for anything pumpkin!

Amy W said...

How fun! Pumpkin cupcakes sound wonderful!! We have plans for some pumpkin pancakes this week. Can't wait!