Monday, November 2, 2009

Tot School

This was a sparse week for tot school, sadly. I had two doctors appointments, and we had a big retreat at camp, so we spent one day getting ready for that, and three days pretty much up at the retreat. We did read several books, though, and do one project, so I'll share about those things. :) First of all, we were able to play outside some...we found a caterpillar one day, but I didn't have my camera. So we explored that for a few minutes. And we found a ladybug on the car, which Z was excited about.

We did do one project - on Friday afternoon, we swept the leaves off the porch & then collected some leaves for our project. I drew a tree on a piece of paper, and then had Z color it brown. (He loves this new hat and is wearing it to color - he also wore it to the store today.)

Then we glued our leaves onto the tree, and some on the ground for good measure. :)

Here is the finished product! Please ignore the toddler hand wielding the glue bottle (Not open, thankfully) in the edge of the picture. :)

So, without further adieu, here are some of the books we've been reading:

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever - we love this cute book about two mice raising the same pumpkin. :)
Clifford! - Zachary loves Clifford, and so he loves this book. :)

And this next one is a favorite from my childhood - Pierre, who only ever says, "I don't care." and therefore gets eaten by a lion (Spoiler alert- He survives, don't worry!). Z loves to look at that page & say, "Where Pierre go? In the lion's tummy!" and then turn the page and say, "THERE he is!" Also, as a sidenote, whenever I am telling Zachary to wear his shoes & he chooses Crocs in the dead of muddy fall, and I sigh defeatedly, "Whatever, I don't care", his eyes light up, and he says, "Pierre says...I don't care!" and it makes me laugh in spite of lime green Crocs with an otherwise matching outfit. :)

In conclusion, I hope all your Tot School weeks are going better than mine! I'll close with one last cute picture of Z & his favorite hat. :)

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Susan said...

Some of our weeks are more Life School too. Your leave collection is lovely and a great idea. Don't they just love glue!

Rebecca said...

Z is such a cutie! I just love his little antics!

Rebecca said...

Hey Carrie!
Here is a website to check out - I found it this week and have gotten lots of easy craft ideas here for the kiddos!