Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, I am so thankful that my hubby is HOME! The guys have been working extra hours this week, to try to finish up a certain part of staff-house-building, and they were able to finish it yesterday morning. And it is so nice to have my hubby home for an entire day off. We have spent our day lounging around in our pajamas, watching TV, playing with Z, napping, and, of course, eating.

But we did not have a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner- we'll be eating one of those with friends on Sunday. Instead, we had a brunch of biscuits & sausage gravy and egg casserole, and then a traditional Broncos game dinner of enchiladas and cheese dip. Mmmm...we hadn't had enchiladas for a while, and they turned out well, I'm proud to say. Maybe I'll share my non-recipe at some point. :) There is a pumpkin pie in the fridge, along with plenty of Cool Whip, so we may be partaking of that shortly. Right now we're watching the Broncos, who are presently beating the Giants, thankfully. :)

I feel a little overwhelmed about how much I still have to do to prepare our house for the baby coming - 3 weeks from tomorrow is her due date! I'd like to decorate the house for Christmas tomorrow, and I really need to pack my hospital bag, just in case - I think that will help me feel better about being ready for her, in case she would come early (Z was right on time, I went into labor on his due date & he came the next day, but I know this little girl could be very different).

Speaking of timing, God's timing is always impeccable, isn't it? And why can I never keep that in mind?

On Tuesday, I had an OB appointment, which is always a treat to take my little guy to...since we end up waiting a long time in the waiting room, and then again in the exam room...and you know how patiently 23-month-olds wait... :) And then I had a HUGE shopping list to do while waddling around on my swollen ankles at Wal-Mart and keeping my antsy toddler happy... I was literally feeling physically sick about the whole trip, and how much I was dreading it, and to top it all off, I would have to wake Z up early from his nap (though I put him down early to try to avoid that unpleasant act), and he & I both had a rather terrible, grouchy morning. One of us is getting two molars, and the other has no excuse. Not going to elaborate on those details.

Anyhow, on Tuesday, Hubby was supposed to work until 5, and Z & I were supposed to leave at 2:15 for the dr. appt.. At 2:10, Z was still sleeping, so I called the dr.'s office to see if they happened to be running behind. And they were (surprise!). :) So I avoided waking Z up prematurely, he woke up on his own at 2:25, and we read a book & I called the office back at 2:40 as they suggested. They said there were still several people waiting, but that we should start in (we have a half-hour drive). So as we were getting ready to put our shoes on, Hubby stopped in & said that the guys had run out of the materials they needed to finish their job that day, so they were going to finish on Wednesday morning instead, after they stocked up on supplies. So would I want him to bring his computer home & do office work from home, and go to my OB appt. and do my shopping by myself?

Had to think about it for, um, .2 seconds... YES!!!! :) Isn't it amazing how God worked out all the timing there perfectly - my dr. being behind, the guys running out of supplies, us not leaving until Hubby came by... And by the time I was done with all of my shopping (got home after 6:15 as it was), I was utterly exhausted. I think I would've given up if I had had Z with me - I'm so thankful God worked it all out so that we didn't have to make an extra trip!

Also, physically, I feel like I've finally hit the wall these past couple days. Up until this point, I've been uncomfortable & such, but these last few days, I've really had to take extra breaks and I've had the swollen ankles & hands pretty badly at the end of the day, and through the night, especially. Finally starting to REALLY look forward to being physically DONE with this pregnancy! (yes, I'm one of those weird people who LOVE being pregnant).

So, I'm praying that God will continue to give me physical strength through these next three weeks (if she waits that long to come), and that I will remember that His timing is ALWAYS perfect. :)

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Kim said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 37 weeks, wow you are full term. It is now up to when she decides to come out. My daughter came the day before 37 weeks and my son was an emergency at almost 35 weeks, so you are in charted territory for me. I have no advice, but the last thing you need after 9 months of pregnancy is more advice! lol!!