Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tot School

We had a busy week last week - a day at the zoo (so fun!) and some other appointments gave us some busy days! It's hard for me to get motivated to do Tot School on weeks like that, when I'm so behind on housework and everything else, but we did some things anyway - I didn't spend a lot of time taking pictures, so I'll just mention some of the activities we did - we read a lot of books (as always- this is Z's favorite activity while N is nursing, so we have several reading times each day), we drew with chalk, we practiced writing with our wipe-off writing book, and we spent Saturday up at camp, eating meals, and helping to hang up some pictures. The weather was rainy over the weekend, but the rest of the week was pretty nice, so we spent a LOT of time outside as well. We found a pool in the creek near our house where several fish live, so we have been feeding them a few bread crumbs each day, and there is a snake (ACK!) who lives right by the pool, which is gross and scary, yes, but we did find a half of a shed snake skin near there, and looked at that, so that was neat.

So, now on to the pictures. :) We did go to the zoo on Tuesday - Z loved seeing all the animals (except the lemurs, which were TOO LOUD). Here he is watching the gorilla, just moments before the lemurs scared him out of his wits.

The giraffes were so close to where we could stand! He loved watching them!

I have a boy who loves music, and he loves playing any instrument he can get his hands on - he loved this wooden instrument at the zoo. :) Each plank plays a different note, and you get to whack them with rubber sticks.

He made these letters into a 'tree' on the fridge. :)

And, for our craft this week, we made a field of wildflowers. I got the idea here. Here are our supplies- real wildflowers (possibly the most fun part for your child is the wildflower/weed hunting), glue, green marker, green strip of construction paper & blue piece of construction paper.

using scissors to cut grass on the green strip - he is just beginning to practice with scissors - he attempted to hold them like Mommy, but it didn't work so well, so we resorted to using two hands. :) After this, we glued the grass along the bottom of the blue paper.

Next, we used our green marker to draw stems and some leaves for our flowers.

Next we used a paintbrush to paint on the glue - possibly Z's favorite part - he LOVES glue.

Next, we stuck on the dandelion fuzz and the other wildflowers we collected.

And here is the finished product - so sad that our forget-me-nots (my favorite little bloom) didn't show up at all!!! :(
Z was a big boy at the park this week - he went up this big ladder and down this big slide all by himself!!!

My Two Tots

Z is loving that Natalie is getting big enough to interact more and be more a part of our family activities! I usually try to sit down with both of them and read a book together at least once a day - N loves just being with us, and it's so fun. :) She also seems to love music, and loves to hear me sing, so that's sweet. Z attempted to feed her some cereal this week, I think he thought that was more fun than she did...
He also 'helped' her enjoy her Johnny Jump-up, which she loves. :)

My Tiny Tot

She is just getting so big - she can roll over both ways now, and loves to be on the living room floor on her blanket - but only if other people are around! She does not like to be by herself, and is entering a phase where she likes to be with Mommy & recognizes that other people are NOT Mommy!!! We are practicing sitting up, though she's still a ways from that, she does enjoy practicing. :)

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Deni said...

All those pictures make me excited for August!

Unknown said...

Hi Carrie - thanks for your comment! I'll enjoy keeping up with you via your blog. I loved all of the pictures of your kiddos - what fun! :)

Chante said...

Aaaawww, that's so sweet! I loved reading about your day!