Friday, June 4, 2010

Talking with Z

Me: "Did you get something in your eye?"
Z: "No, I got something in my OTHER eye."
Okay...contrary much?

Z: "Our porch is outside. The wind did not blow it away."
Me: 'No, the wind would have to blow pretty hard to blow our porch away.'
Z: "The big bad wolf could blow our porch away. But he is at home on Sesame Street."

My phone beeps - "Ooh, Mommy, you got a tweet!"

We were heading to the car in a light rain. "It is not raining. Not really. Not really raining. It is just scrambling."
Me: "Oh, you mean sprinkling?"
"Yeah, scrambling." :)

We were driving back from town, and Natalie was crying in her car seat. Z reached his hand over and touched her, saying, "It's okay, Nallie. I love you." And my heart melted right into a puddle. :)

At breakfast, Z was whining for his food, which I was hurriedly making. I asked him to stop whining, and he whined, "I'm just talking."
"Well, it sounds like whining to me"
, I responded.
"Sounds like TALKING to me!" he replied. :)

Z spins around the living room, dancing in a circle. He stops, and looks around the room, wide-eyed. "What our house is DOING?" he asks, amazed. I think for a minute.
"Oh, is it spinning, honey? Are you dizzy?"
"The room is turning!" he replies. :)

The word I hear the most right now is "I". As in: "No, I, I, I, I, I do it BY MYSELF!"

"Cheese Quails" = Cheese Curls :)

"what is a sech-o-pope?"
Um, I don't know.
"It listens to your heart."
Oh, a stethoscope!

At the zoo, we were watching the giraffes lick the trees - they had the trees covered with some kind of mesh so they couldn't chew it, but they were still licking it vigorously. One of the licking giraffes was drooling on the tree. When I said this to Z, he said, "Drooling, just like Natalie does!" and it made me laugh out loud - thinking of Natalie compared to the giraffe with this huge drooly tongue! :)


Kiana said...

Oh, thats so cute.. I said "Awwww!" Outloud at the "Its ok Nallie, I love you" part.. And aswell as the
"Its just scramblimg" - "You mean sprinkling?" - "Yeah, scrambling," adorable. How old is he?

Carrie said...

Kiana, thanks for your comment! :) Z is 2 and a half today!!! :)