Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Morning

It is 9:30 in the morning
And I feel like I have accomplished nothing
But I am showered and dressed
And I ate plenty of breakfast
And the kids are dressed
And fed
And Z has had his devotions
Though I have not yet
And Barney has been watched
And the day’s first load of laundry is spinning in the washer.
And after breakfast the camp dog, Sammy
Came into the yard
And Z wanted to go see him
And I almost said no, automatically,
Without even thinking,
But then I thought,
Why not?
And Z went outside to see Sammy.
And the door was left open
And Sammy came inside to see me and Natalie
And he went back out promptly
And we shut the door
And he drank out of some rainwater on the porch
And Z thought that was so funny.
And Natalie enjoyed her first taste of sweet potatoes
And then puked it all over my shirt
Because that’s what babies do.
And Sammy left to do what dogs do.
And it is a rainy-ish morning
And everything is wet
And Z wanted to wipe off his bike and ride it
And I almost said no, come in, it’s wet,
the dishes are piled up to the sky,
But then I thought,
Why not?
So I gave him my dishtowel,
Probably needs to be washed anyway,
And he wiped everything on the porch.
And he was happy.
And he slipped on the wet porch
And landed on his back
And his clothes are soaked up the back now
So he wiped himself with the towel.
And now Natalie is laying down for the first nap of the day
And Z is riding his bike again
And I need to do my devotions
Before I tackle the mountain of dishes
And figure out what we should do for tot school this week.

What are you doing today?


Unknown said...

Wow, Carrie! I thought I was having a rough morning, but it has been nothing compared to yours. :) Haha! I've watched an 8-month-old since he was born, so I'm getting practice having 2 around, and can relate to this. Hope your day gets better!

Julie said...

Busy morning! I got to sleep in today because my sweet hubby got up with the kids... Its currently 2in the afternoon and I really havnt accomplished anything today... I need to do dishes, pack (we're moving in just a few days) and take a shower (still).