Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tot School

We have been having lots of fun with Tot School lately - we've been doing some kind of activity each day - this week we did puzzles, wrote in our wipe-off books, colored, played with blocks and cars, and all kinds of other activities. I am not great at taking pictures of all of our Tot School activities like others are, so here are a few things we did throughout the week. :)

Our weather was gorgeous this week, so I was finally able to wear Natalie and bring her along on one of our walks! We got outside several times, and enjoyed the still-melting snow (there are still 3-foot snowpiles out there from the plowing), and also the mud and thawing creeks. Z loves to throw rocks in the creeks and splash in the puddles. :)
Z usually falls down at least once or twice per walk - this day, I turned around and he had fallen over, hit his knees, and then fell flat on his face in the mud! It was sad, but also kind of hilarious! :) He was upset right away, but he calmed down. He doesn't seem upset at all in this picture, as you can see. :)

We did our first Easter craft this week- a set of wearable bunny ears! I cut out some ears & a construction paper headband (I had to tape it together because my stapler broke). Then we added glue to the ears...
and then glued on some cotton balls...I tore them up, so they wouldn't be so heavy, but you could just stick on whole cotton balls. :)
And here is Z, modeling the ears:
The cuteness is rather overwhelming. :)
I got this foam alphabet & number puzzle set for $1 at Walmart, we were both excited about it!
Here Z is coloring hair on a man (a Kumon coloring workbook page):

Here he is showing off his work:

And, of course, there's been LOTS of brother/sister time. We have discovered that Natalie likes to lay on the floor on a blanket or her hippo mat, and Z loves to interact with her while she plays on the floor. He is SO sweet with her, and I LOVE to watch them together! When she wakes up from her nap, he goes into her room, turns off her fan & womb sounds CD, and climbs up on the side of her crib. When she sees him, she stops crying and breaks out a big smile - it is so great! :) I love when she watches him and smiles at him, it is so fun. :)

In closing, I have one matter to ask advice about. How have you taught your children to use God's name respectfully? Z loves to hear Bible reading, and listen to CD's of Christian music, so he's surrounded by talking & singing about God, which I think is great. And I want him to be able to talk to and about God whenever he wants. But sometimes the ways he uses God's name are not respectful (like singing the name game song with God's name in it) or come across as swearing (though of course he doesn't mean to), like when he shouts JUST God's name. I pray daily for God to forgive his accidental blasphemies, and I don't believe God will hold them to his 2-year-old account, but really - has anyone else dealt with this problem? How do you teach your children to use God's name respectfully?

To see what other people are doing for Tot School, head over to 1+1+1=1!


Susan-Chasing Marcus said...

You know that is something we are working on here as well. Out of the blue a week or so ago, my little one said "Oh My Gosh". Neither my husband or I say that and it has been a bit upsetting for us both. Right now we just ignore it because she seems to do it more when she wants attention and focus on teaching things like "God Is Great!" or "Jesus loves Me" instead. Not much help I know, but I will be reading to see if anyone else has any suggestions.

I love the rabbit ears too!

Tiffany said...

You are doing so great with tot time. That second photo of Z with his bunny ears on is ADORABLE!!! You really should frame it!

Hmmmm...unfortunately I have no advice, but I will be back hoping to read advice from others!

Shanilie said...

Love hearing about tot time! Cute hats :) Jacob would love doing those crafts.

I remember the first time Jacob came home from pre-school when he was 2 saying omg. My jaw dropped and I told him it wasn't nice and to say oh my goodness. It really worked and he hasn't said it since.

sbswtp said...

It looks like a great week! The bunny ears are adorable :) so cute!