Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Love...

...when her little fingers grab mine as she eats

...the way he mispronounces words and how it makes me sad when he learns to say them right

...watching him comfort her when she wakes from a nap

...the way her arms pop up out of her swaddle the instant I undo it

...watching him run with his arms out to the sides, waving up and down, making airplane noises

...when he wakes up from his nap and runs immediately out to the living room to find me, hair disheveled, eyes still bleary, and completely out of it much he loves music and many songs make him stop in his tracks and dance

...that she smiles the most for me, and second-most for her Daddy and her brother he would stay at the park and go down the curly slide for hours if only I had the time every little noise makes him run to the door, exclaiming, "Daddy!"

...that she sleeps through the night sometimes, and when she doesn't, she eats and goes right back to sleep

...overhearing him singing all kinds of songs as he goes about his day - especially the ones he makes up himself

...hearing her sweet little voice cooing and 'gluggg'-ing away as she smiles at herself in her mirror

...when I can understand what song he's asking me to sing just from the couple of words he remembers (bonus points if you can name this hymn: "what God has done...the counting song...")

...watching her fall asleep in the wrap, head resting on my chest, sucking on her little fists

...the way he over-dramatically says, "ohhhhhh" when he's trying to explain something to me and really wants me to 'ohh' in understanding (Over-dramatic? Where could he have gotten that? Ohhhh...) :)

...that he asks constantly to 'say good morning to Natalie' when she's taking a nap

...that she's so happy when she wakes up, even at 4 am, though she's starving, she's cooing and gurgling and grinning from ear to ear

...being a mommy. Period.


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet Carrie! And I'm going to have to go with "Count Your Blessings."

Zoey Martin said...

That is so lovely. I think it's wonderful to really think about all the things we love and not get too caught up in the day to day. I love how Z is always wanting to say good morning to N. That is priceless.

Julie said...

That was a sweet post... So many blessings!