Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday is officially the weirdest day of the week now. It used to be a busy day, filled with helping in the kitchen and all over camp while wearing Zachary on my back, and all such things. Now Z & I go to camp and eat with the staff for breakfast, and then we come home and do housework. If we are low on staff, sometimes we stay in the kitchen after meals to help out, or at least wipe the tables in the dining hall. But this weekend there are plenty of staff. And when we do stay to help, it's kind of a toss-up on whether it's actually helpful or not - you have to balance my helpfulness with Z's destruction to figure that out. :)

So today we ate breakfast at camp, played on the playground, came home & did housework, ate lunch at home and gave Z a nap, did more housework, and headed to the nearby town park around 5:00. We played there for over an hour and left when all the town's teenagers started to show up, guys and girls, hand in hand.

We only saw one other group of people while we were there. There was a pair of sisters, probably around 11 and 14, the older one with a boyfriend tagging along, and they were watching their nephew, who was just about Z's age. The older sister was more interested in the boyfriend than the little guy, though, and kept leaving him with her little sister, and then yelling bossy things like, 'Watch him! Don't let him fall off of there!' repeatedly across the playground.

After a little while, they were all near where Z & I were playing on a slide, and I overheard the 14-year-old girl say, "I want to have my own baby someday, I think. Like when I'm thirty." "Whoa, thirty?" the boyfriend asked. "Okay, yeah, maybe like twenty. 'Cause thirty's old", she replied. HA! I totally wanted to laugh, but I refrained. On the outside.

And then I loaded up my Mommy-mobile, complete with goldfish crackers, child-view mirror, car seat, and sippy cups, and came home and plucked some more gray hairs. :)

And thanked God that I made it past 14, and that 30 doesn't seem old any more.


Anonymous said...

Thirty has been a pretty good year for me. :)

Deni said...

You crack me up - the sad thing is - I feel like 30 is old too (and I am 27)! I dread 30 for some reason!

Carrie said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel that I should note that I am 28. Don't know why I feel that's important, I just do. :)

Scribbit said...

Well it does keep getting better and better, I figure by the time I'm 60 I'll be thrilled with life.