Friday, September 18, 2009


So, I ended up having to take my 3-hour glucose test this week. (I wanted to refuse it, but my ob said that if I did have gd & it was too bad, it might have to be treated by insulin/meds instead of just diet, so she didn't want me to refuse the test. Then she used the kicker: 'it could affect your daughter's long-term health...', so of course I took the test, right?) Anyway... You can probably guess from the title of this post how the results came out.

Yeah, I failed. There are 5 separate blood draws where they check your sugar - before you drink the nasty glucose stuff, 1/2 hr after, 1 hr, 2 hr & 3 hrs after. And I guess I failed 2 of them, and passed 3. So the good news is that my gestational diabetes should be manageable by a special low-carb diet & exercise (30 minutes of walking each day). AND today is the start of week 27 of my pregnancy, which means that in 13 weeks, I get to meet my little girl, AND I get to eat ice cream again. Two great reasons to look forward to Dec. 18th. :)

The test is always quite the experience for me, though, because I have TERRIBLE veins in my arms. They can rarely get anything on my left arm, and this time my right arm only held up for one stick. That means the other four had to come out of my hands. Ick. They're actually not as bruised as I expected them to be!

I scheduled my test for 6:30 am, so that Hubby could get up with Zachary, and watch him until he went to work, then we had a friend come & watch him until I got home. I didn't get done with my test until after 11:00, just because that's how long it takes (a friend told me to plan 4 1/2 hrs for the 3-hr test & I'm glad they did - it really did take that long)! Also, as an aside, if someone is in the lab for a 3-hr. long test, and has an appt., wouldn't you call them in for their initial blood draw before the people who are there for quick one-and-done blood work, no matter who was in line first? I would. But that's just me. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, when I got done with my test at 11 am, having only eaten (well, drank, technically), a bottle of sugar solution 3 hrs ago, I was hungry! But I didn't want to take the time to stop anywhere on the way home, so I thought, 'Hey, I'll get something out of this vending machine on the way out of the building. Hmmm...these vegetable baked crackers sound tasty & healthy'. So I put a dollar bill into the machine. And it said: "Insert Exact Change". But it would not give me my money back. So I warily inserted the exact 85 cents required. And the machine rolled the crackers out, and gave me my dollar back, in quarters. EXCEPT that the bag of crackers got stuck. Sigh. I mumbled something along the lines of, "of course it would", feebly whacked the machine a couple times with my bruised hands, attempted to rock it a tiny bit (ha! - with my strength??? - um, it didn't move at all) and eventually fumbled around in my purse for another dime. I inserted another EXACTLY 85 cents, pressed the button again, and my initial bag of crackers fell to the bottom. And the 2nd bag of crackers did not. Of course. I growlingly (me AND my stomach) grabbed the bag and left. And do you know how cheap I am? I considered trying for the crackers a THIRD time. Because, people, I paid $1.70 for a bag of 25 baked vegetable crackers. Ridiculous!

When I told my hubby this story, he said, "With all the technology we have today, you'd think they could invent a vending machine where the food never gets stuck." Someone needs to get on that. Or a 7-month-pregnant woman with gestational diabetes might just keel over waiting for her baked veggie crackers. Hey, it could happen, you never know. :)

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casual friday every day said...

Well, I'm glad it'll be manageable but that like it was no fun!