Saturday, September 4, 2010

Closer to Thirty

Well, I had a birthday yesterday!

I'm closer to 30 than I've ever been before. If you must know, I'm 29. And I'm okay with that. I feel like 29 is where I belong now - I don't wish to be younger again (oh, I would NOT want to go back to my teen years, that's for sure!). This life, staying home with my two gorgeous babies, married to a wonderful man, this is the life I've always wanted. And I love it. And I had a
wonderful birthday, a typical, 'normal' day, spending time with my family, taking care of my kids, and having fun with them.

The kids and I went to town in the morning, and as we were doing our shopping, my Hubby called to ask me to pick up a memory stick for a camera up at camp. The kids and I enjoyed our shopping trip at Dollar Tree and Walmart, and then we headed over to the mall and picked it up. After that, we headed home with a stop at Starbucks for a birthday caramel Frappuccino (yummmm). :)

When I got home, Hubby and Z presented me with two different gift bags - in the first one was a Starbucks gift card (yay!) and two bags of those Ghirardelli squares with the filling in them - yummy! When Zachary was a newborn and I was nursing him, I watched a lot of TV & saw the commercials with the caramel oozing out of the chocolate squares, and at one point I think I turned to Hubby and said, "I MUST have some of those squares." and he delivered, of course. :) So those were a nice (delicious) touch!

I was surprised by all the presents, because I had technically already spent my birthday money on our family pictures (back in May!). Plus, Hubby kept reminding me that I wasn't getting a present (he's good at setting up surprises like that). But he wasn't done - he handed me another gift bag! And there was a new camera inside - a Sony CyberShot! It has all kinds of neat scene
settings, and an automatic smile detector feature - it is amazing, and takes great pictures! Also, I had unknowingly bought my own memory card at the mall, since Hubby thought he had one, but it turned out to be the wrong kind! :)

Our old camera would not keep the memory card in. So I could choose to either take 30 pictures of low quality, or 30 seconds of video. Or 15 pictures and 15 seconds of video. Before uploading to the computer. So I don't have a lot of videos of the kids in the last few months since that happened to the camera! It is wonderful to just be able to take as many pictures and videos as I want! :)

I did a photo shoot with Natalie yesterday, and here are some of the results - some are edited on! :)

Of course, I took some of Zachary, too! :) I love my new camera!!! :)


Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good day. Have fun with your new camera... We desperately need a new one, we lost ours and are borrowing my father in laws right now. We're thinking of getting one on black friday.

Crystal Roberts said...

Happy Birthday! I will be 29 my next b-day too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. The pictures are just way too cute!