Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Is In the Air?

Can it really be fall already?

I know it's the middle of September (!). I live in western NY state, and our leaves start changing colors and dropping off in August. My porch has leaves all over it. It has been cool and rainy most of this week and last week). The signs are all there, but somehow I just refuse to be reconciled to the fact that it's fall. I read on Facebook that someone was getting out their fall decorations, and I thought, "No. I can't. Way too early." but then I realized it isn't.

It seems to have come too early this year. Z asks if he can wade in the creek and I want to say yes, but instead I have to say, "No, it's too rainy/cold today. You're wearing tennis shoes and socks. And a sweatshirt. Maybe it will be warmer tomorrow." But soon I will not be able to say that, and I will have to say, "next spring..."

And we never rode on a paddle boat in the pond. And we didn't do nearly enough swimming. Or creek-walking (but there could never, ever be enough creek-walking in a summer). And we didn't go to the park nearly as much as we could have.

I wonder if most of the reason I'm not excited about fall this year is because fall is one season closer to December...and not that I mind December, in theory. In fact, I love Christmas...and decorating for Christmas...

but December means I'll have a THREE-year-old. AND a one-year-old. And no more babies!

And while part of me is greatly looking forward to that transition OUT of mothering this baby and into two toddlers who have slightly more flexible schedules...

another (big) part of me is wondering how it can possibly be fall. And just where exactly did these last eight and a half months (no, three years, really) go? And who gave them permission to go there so quickly?

And I remember the big changes between Z playing at the park a year ago in the fall, and when we were able to go back this spring and he could do so much more, and I think about how each of them will change over the winter, and all they'll each be able to do by spring, and I want fall (and time) to just STOP already! (or 'put it on pause', as Z would say)

Is anybody else just not ready for fall this year???


Julie said...

Crazy isnt it? You love seeing them change and grow but hate that it happens so FAST!

Our Family for His Glory said...

I completely understand!! The time goes so fast- it is very bitter-sweet!