Monday, August 30, 2010

Tot School

Well, not much to report for tot school this week! I hardly took any pictures at all! We kind of took the week off, I guess, with it being our last week before our 'school year' starts! I did finish my school planning, actually, up through November, though, so I was pleased with what I got accomplished! We played outside a lot, and Z played with wipe-off markers once or twice, I think. We made muffins together, which was a lot of fun, and we made pizza one night. The blackberries (they grow wild in the woods around camp) were ripe this week, so we picked blackberries and ate them with vanilla yogurt two different days! We also had a group this weekend, so we saw some of our staff friends again, and ate some meals with them on Saturday. A friend of mine and her four sweet children came over on Saturday for lunch, and Z did a great job sharing his toys and playing nicely, and we had a great time chatting! :)

We attempted potty training on Tuesday morning - we lasted for one hour. Z had THREE accidents, and, not to be gross, but he couldn't really seem to tell when he was 'going' #1, and Natalie was extra-fussy with a stuffy nose that day, so we gave up. I think we will wait a few more weeks and try again. :) Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :) I had a really encouraging talk with a friend who has potty trained two kids yesterday, and she talked about just waiting till they're ready, so I'm trying to focus on that for now. :)

Well, something that I DID accomplish this week, was finishing up my circle time board! Here it is!

We have our Bible verse, song of the week (yes, I may have been too ambitious with ALL of those verses, I realize that), active exercise card, weather, and sight words! We did attempt circle time today, but didn't spend too long on it. Z loved doing the weather cards, though, and was excited about the idea of circle time, so we'll try again tomorrow. :)

Here is a picture of our book basket - I plan to change the books each week - we keep all of our library books in here, so they don't get mixed in with our regular books, and I have put a few books in that have to do with the letter A and with our monthly theme, which is vehicles for the month of September. When I do my Tot School post next week, I hope to share the books that are in our basket.

Here is the only picture I took of Zachary this week: (he's holding a wiggly eye up to his own eye). :)

My Two Tots

I got this adorable video this week, of Zachary spinning Natalie around in her exersaucer! She just adores her brother, and she especially likes when he plays with her!

My Tiny Tot

Natalie is just getting around! She scoot/crawls all over the living room, kitchen and hallway, so you never know where you'll find her! It is just weird that she's mobile now - one day I picked up the toys & then took Z with me to change his diaper and came back and all the toys were out, and I was surprised, and then I realized, "Oh, yeah, Natalie can do that now!". It is just so funny that she is SO big! Here she is playing Zachary's Elmo Piano Book:

And here she is smiling and playing with a rattling shape:

And we start them on their alphabet young around here - she's practicing making words. :)

For more Tot School ideas, head over to 1+1+1=1!


Deni said...

So I have decided that You are going to teach parker - yup because I don't know that I would have the ambition to do that!

Our Family for His Glory said...

Wow!! You really have been busy getting everything ready for your school year- I'm excited to hear all about it! :)
Natalie is so cute... it's amazing how everything changes once they start moving isn't it!?

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Your board looks great! Doesnt it feel good to have your plans done? Good luck with your new year, I look forward to seeing what you have planned.