Monday, January 18, 2010

Tot School

New Baby and Winter Fun Edition! :)

We haven't done much for actual structured tot school these last few weeks, since Natalie's been born, but it is always a joy when Natalie's nap schedule lines up with our late mornings or late afternoons so that Z & I can have some fun learning time together.

We did make snowflakes together- using scissors is a brand new skill for Zachary, so I was just teaching him the basics of holding the scissors (at this point, he prefers to use two hands, but did manage to hold them in one hand a couple of times), and helped him make cuts in the paper coffee filters to make snowflakes.

Here's Zachary's:
And we worked on this one together:

We were able to go out and play in the snow in our yard while Natalie slept one afternoon, and we made a pathetic little snowman. :) Zachary enjoyed putting his arms on him. :)

Zachary helped me make pizza:

And we had a picnic on the kitchen floor one day, because Z said he wanted to. :) It was a fun little treat. :)

We've also been playing with some of his Christmas gifts, which I will be posting more about in the next few weeks. Here he is coloring in the big coloring book that his daddy bought for him - he loves it. :)

Over the last few weeks, we've been really enjoying all the new books Z got for Christmas & his birthday, too - that's one thing that I can do with him while I nurse Natalie, and it is such a sweet time as we all sit on the couch together, reading a book.

Zachary has been learning a lot about babies, too, from experience. :) He'll say things like, "Natalie's crying - let's go get her. She is sad. She wants to eat, probly." or "Natalie is awake. Natalie is happy. Hello, Natalie. She's just hanging out." He loves to hug her and give her sweet little kisses, and she has smiled at him a couple of times. His favorite thing is when Natalie squeezes his finger - he thinks that's great. :)

And, because this is my blog, here's a completely free picture of Natalie in her Sunday dress, complete with ruffly-bottomed tights and Mary Jane shoe socks. :) Enjoy!

So that's about all we've been learning around here these last couple of weeks! For more Tot School posts, head over to 1+1+1=1!


Anonymous said...

Those activities look like so much fun. Jacob also loves to cook in the kitchen with me whatever I am baking. Pizza looks YUMMY. I'v never made snowflakes with Jacob but I bet he will love it.

Mama to 5 said...

Nice job! Your son's rosy red cheeks are adorable! I love your snowflakes! :)

Mandie said...

This is just too much cuteness to comment on everything separately! Zachary is just sooooo adorable. What a sweetie.

Kelly Sauer said...

So sweet - yes, Piper is learning a new dimension of caring too!

Just stopping in to see how you're doing. Better than I am this week, it seems! What good Mommy time you're giving Z! I'm just trying to be here right now...

Rebecca said...

How fun!! Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying your kiddos together. Z is so funny - I love his little faces.
And aren't little girls so fun to get fancied up?

Susan-Chasing Marcus said...

So glad to hear that Natalie is doing well and that Z is loving being a big brother. I think your snowman is cute =)

Tiffany said...

You are doing great, Carrie! Looks like Z is having so much fun, and again Natalie is just precious! I love the ruffly little bottom!!