Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brotherly Love

He tries to feed her goldfish crackers while we're riding in the car. "No, honey, baby can't have crackers yet. In a few months, but not now."

He finds a binky, and brings it across the room to her. (Too bad she was sleeping before he tried to put it in her mouth...)

At playtime, she lays on her Boppy, entranced by him. He dances and picks out toys she's certain to love. He makes his stuffed owl hoot at her, presses the button so his dancing dog dances and sings to her. He hands her his favorite farmer and some animals. Sometimes she even gives him the hint of a smile.

"Hi, fweetie...Hi, Natalie...awwww", he coos, and grabs at her hand as she lies in her swing.

He reaches over to pat her back along with me as she fusses and finally burps on my shoulder.

She wakes from her nap, crying. "Let's go get Natalie! She wants a snack." he proclaims, and so we do. And she does.

And right now, this is how he loves her.


Janine said...

So perfectly beautiful.
: )

Zoey Martin said...

So lovely!

Tiffany said...

Oh, Carrie! That bond that they are growing is so, so special. it is one of my favorite things to watch here in my home.
PS I am praying for you.