Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can You Guess the Commercial?

Can you guess what current commercial the following monologue (from Z) is a summary of?

"Where dat clown go?

The clown fcweamed.

What dat clown step on, on his foot?

He tep on a horsie.

All da kids fcweam and da kids wun away."

In case you couldn't guess, or haven't seen it, here is the commercial:

I'd say that was a pretty good summary...don't you think? :)

This is Z's favorite commercial - this one and the Pillow Pet one - he always asks to watch them when he sees them on. :) And he seriously talks about this clown all day long. It is hilarious. :)

Do you or your kids have any favorite commercials?


Kelly Sauer said...

oh this commercial is so awful! I just hate it... :-P But your son is a boy, and boys are into different things than all-girl me.

I just wanted to stop in and tell you how I giggled at your comment the other day about doing hospital births with epidural. I honestly couldn't see the reason for that until transition hit with Bredon's birth, but by that point, we only had about 15 minutes left on the thing, and I couldn't have had one anyway! ;-) No judgment here, and wishing you more sleep. (We never got Pip to a regular bedtime and finally just gave up and let her sleep with us so that we could SLEEP. The new not-sleeping isn't really such an adjustment here! ;-)

Deni said...

I have never seen this commercial...and that's a good thing because I hate clowns!