Saturday, September 29, 2007

Minor Breakdown

I haven't updated in forever...guess I haven't really felt like blogging...or maybe I've just had so much else going on... Well, we are painting the baby's room. First I painted all the walls a yellow marbled with was SO utterly bright. I love yellow, but, really, with the sunlight, it was blinding... so then I painted one wall cream, and it's much better. We're also going to be stamping some blue bees around the top of the room, which will add a nice non-yellow touch. Joel sanded and painted the dresser I bought this spring, and then we'll stamp some bees on it, too... when I bought it the guy told me that it had 3 drawers, and the bottom 'drawer' was a false front. Well, when Joel was working on it, he started tugging on it and got it open, and it turns out it's really a big drawer! It was so stuck that the guy who sold it to me didn't even think it was a drawer! So the dresser is HUGE! :) It will be SO nice!

I had a minor breakdown at Home Depot yesterday...pregnancy hormones are such fun...aren't they? We went to look for the bee stamp that we NEEDED for the baby's room, and Home Depot was out of it. The saleslady was not concerned at all. I guess she's never been pregnant, otherwise she would know not to say with a shrug, "Oh, well, guess we're out of 'em" to a 7-month pregnant lady who NEEDS the Pooh Bee Stamp that NOONE else carries and if she doesn't get it, her baby's room will be RUINED, and her child will NEVER be well-adjusted...anyway...I did say minor breakdown, and it happened mostly in the parking lot and was taken out mostly on Joel...poor guy :( Well, anyway...nobody else carries foam stamps for painting...not Walmart, not JoAnn's, NOBODY. So don't bother looking. We called Joel's mom because she had seen them in her Home Depot in Iowa, and she went and looked, and they were out, too! But then she went to Menard's, and they had a set with some Pooh stencils and 3 stamps- a bee, honey pot, and sun/flower! When she got up to the cash register, the whole set was only $1!!! How amazing! Then tonight my parents called and said they were at Menard's tonight and saw this (same) Pooh set for only $1 and picked it up for us! :) So now we have two sets! :) How funny is that? Oh me of little faith, right??? W

Well, I'm off...gotta pick out some kind of outfit for church...I got some new fall maternity clothes a couple weeks ago when I went shopping with a friend! She has some great secondhand stores in her area! I can't wait to wear my new stuff!! :)

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