Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Aichmophobia: fear of needles or pointed objects

Apparently, I am aichmophobic. I went to the hospital lab today to have a routine blood glucose test done. You drink the orange glucose drink, wait one hour, get your blood drawn. Simple, right?

Well, first of all, I went to the lab at the busiest time possible, and had to wait an hour before I even got my orange drink. Then I had to wait another hour, and I went back in to get my blood drawn, so I could be on my way. At this point it was about 1:30, and I hadn't eaten anything other than an orange drink since 8 am. As I always do, I informed the lady drawing my blood that I have issues with having blood drawn, and I have passed out in the past. So the poor girl was kind of nervous to begin with. Then she couldn't find a vein in either she moved on to the back of my hand. She poked around in there for a minute, and I told her that it hurt and I was getting dizzy. She asked me if I could walk over to a cot and lay down, and I said,"NO".

The next thing I remember is about 5 nurses crowded around me, using something smelly to bring me back to life, and someone running out the door, yelling, "We've got a pregnant lady passed out in here! Somebody get some juice!" Praise the Lord that I didn't fall out of my chair, though, I just kind of slumped backwards, so I was very thankful for that! As if every shred of my dignity wasn't already gone, I practically choked on the apple juice, and was sitting there coughing like an idiot. Then, after I recovered, it was too late to do the blood glucose test, and I had just drank apple juice, so they called my doctor, and she said we would talk about it next week at my appt. So, to make a long story, well, a little shorter, I spent 3 hours at the lab today, and did not get a single test done.

I haven't blogged for a LONG time! I just haven't felt like it for some reason...who knows? Well, updates, then... we had an ultrasound in August, and found out that we're definitely having a boy! Everything is healthy with him (and with me, until today! ) He measured a little big, so hopefully that means he'll come early and not just be big! I have a picture to put up when I get my new scanner hooked up...soon . We went on vacation with Joel's family, to Arkansas, and that was really fun. We relaxed, watched Food Network, and swam a ton. I had my birthday last week, which Joel made really special for me. He took me to Chinese for lunch, took me to Walmart to get groceries, and bought me the afore-mentioned printer/scanner combo. Then he cooked me supper (pasta, Texas Toast and salad- delicious!) and let me relax! It was a great day! I have been working part-time at camp, and also working on getting the house organized and getting everything non-baby out of the baby room so we can paint it! I've even picked out a paint color- Banana Peel Yellow.

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