Friday, May 18, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #5

Here are some of the hilarious things the kids have said and done lately!

Zachary: "What's a wharf?"
Me: "What?"
Zachary: "They're not real, they're pretend.  There are seven of them - you know, the seven wharfs?"

When David makes a funny noise, I sometimes respond to him with a pretend-shocked, "Really?".  Natalie picked up on this and started saying, "Oh, really?" to him whenever he makes a noise. :)

One morning I was rushing around cleaning something, thinking about how I just don't have as much time to sit and read to Natalie as I did when Zachary was two, and feeling guilty about all of these things. The next thing I knew, I stopped to listen to Zachary and Natalie playing in their room, and I realized that Zachary was reading a book to Natalie.  I'm sure I cried, because it was just like God was saying, "See, Natalie is learning and being read to! I have given you each of these three children in MY perfect timing, and I will fulfill the desires of your heart for your children, maybe just in different ways than you hoped or expected."

As we were looking at a map of the United States and Canada one day, I pointed out the area where we live.  Zachary pointed to Lake Erie and said, "And that's the camp swimming pond!"  Close...

One night as the bath water was running, Natalie accidentally pulled up the stopper that makes the shower spray, and when it started showering her, she exclaimed, "Ah! Raining! Raining!"

A few days after reading the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water, we visited the beach at camp.  Zachary noted that his Crocs floated when he put them in the water.  A few minutes later, he was standing in the shallow water with his Crocs on, mumbling, "Aw, it's not working."  "What's not working?", I replied.  "I still can't walk on the water, even with my Crocs on.  My shoes float, but why are they not floating with me in them?"

Natalie says sentences now - they are so great - her first was "I had it first."  She also says, "I choose...(whatever color or toy or food she would like to choose)" all the time.

We got this little slushy maker thing recently, and it says on the box that you can "Make a slushy from your favorite drink!"  I told Zachary we could use juice to try it out that night.  His response - "But juice isn't my favorite drink, and the box says you have to use your favorite!"

Davey is becoming so much more social - he waves now, it's so adorable!  He waves at all of his family, of course, but also at anyone he sees, so that's really fun!  He babbles all the time (mostly da-da), and when he says "Ba-ba", Zachary's convinced that Davey is talking to him (since Nat has always called him Bubba). :)  He can also crawl ALL over the house and get into everything (everything at floor level, that is), but I think that's so much better than six months ago when all he could do was lay around and cry. :)  I was thinking about that as he was happily chewing on a package of baby wipes and trying to grab Nat's lotion from me  while I was dressing the other two for bed - not too many months ago he would lay in his crib and cry the whole time I got Z & Nat ready for bed on the nights I was solo with all three (which made bedtime so stressful!) - I'm so thankful he is much happier and able to entertain himself for a few minutes now! :)

Zachary's question of the day: "Do people eat bears when they're dead?"  Actually, I don't know - do people eat bear meat? I assume some people do...or at least the Indians used to... It's a fair question!

At lunch, I had to say, "Natalie, please don't put your food in your shoe.  Why don't you put your shoes on the floor instead of on the table." Gross!

We came home from a walk, and the sliding glass door to the porch had been left WIDE open! We had been gone for about an hour and a half, I have no idea how I missed the fact that it was open!  Anyhow, when we walked in, I exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, this door was open the whole time!! I hope no big animals got into the house!!"  Zachary looked at me with a serious expression and said, "I will go see if there are any camels in my bed."  He went down the hall, looked, came back, and said, "Nope, no camels."  Natalie asked, "No camels?"  "Nope, no camels."  And we have not found any camels (or raccoons) since, just flies.

One evening while I was making supper, our neighbor's beagle-bassett dog (Sammy) was picking a fight with a groundhog in our yard, and I'm not sure what was more hilarious - the 12-inch-tall dog barking his head off in the groundhog's face, the groundhog's clicking and hissing noises as he sat up on his back legs, then tried to jump out and bite the dog, or Zachary's impassioned cries from the porch, "Sammy! Get out of that fight! No fighting!"  Probably the most hilarious part was a few minutes later, after the animals had left the yard, I heard Zachary and Natalie re-enacting the scene on the porch - Zachary was saying, "Okay, now I'm the groundhog and you're Sammy!"

They definitely bring a lot of joy to each day of our lives!  I'm so thankful that I can be with them and watch them learn and grow every day! :)

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