Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity #6

Z said to me one morning at breakfast: "Mom, you're 30.  Jesus could do miracles when he was 30.  Can you do miracles?"  Good opportunity to talk about what a miracle is...

One morning Z asked for oatmeal for breakfast (my kids are so weird, they love oatmeal!).  I said something about not wanting to clean up the mess (I think it is one of the worst things to clean up and they are SO messy with it!), and Z responded, "But that's your job! That's what God has asked you to do!"  Nothing like hearing your own words coming back at you from your child's mouth...

Zachary has these little phrases that are just so funny and serious, like - "When I saw that, I thought, Wow, that's unusual!" and "I didn't know that toy could do that, I was so amazed!"

One morning I heard Z & Nat yelling out on the porch so I ran out and asked what was going on.  Nat hung her head and responded, "I fightin'."

Zachary can buckle himself into his own car seat now, but he really hates when he thinks I'm going to start driving before he's buckled!  One day, when my sister was here, we were trying to pull out of a little parking area in someone's yard and I was getting the car situated to pull out, but he wasn't buckled in yet - after he got buckled in, he said to me, so seriously, "You should stay more under control next time."  We laughed so hard!

I told Nat she needed to finish her macaroni before she could have a rice krispy treat.  She stuffed a handful of noodles in her mouth and shouted, "Ta-DA! Me dessert now!"  Ta-da is one of her favorite words, she loves to say it whenever she does anything. :)

Natalie came zooming down the slide at the park really quickly, and fell onto the ground -twice in a row! The third time, she slowed herself down with her shoes, and after she got down, she threw her hands up in the air and said, "I not fall down!"  I just can't describe how cute her little excited sentences are - she only says about 2 words in a row, so it sounds like, "I not. Fall down!" and she throws her hands up and sometimes jumps up and down... :)

One morning I was putting a bandaid on a cut, and Z said, "Mom, are you tough?  Because tough guys don't need bandaids.  Daddy taught me that."

One day Natalie had green paint on her thumb, but I wasn't sure where it had come from.  "Paint!", she showed me.  "What did you paint, Natalie?" I asked.  "My thumb" was her response. :)

Our screen door came off of its tracks, and was sitting on the porch.  I mentioned that if it was fixed, we could leave the door 'open' all the time.  She shoved it back against the glass doors where it belonged and proclaimed, "I fix it!" :)  It is so fun now because Zachary sometimes realizes that what Nat says is funny, so then we both just crack up with her together.  This was one of those times. :)

Davey is growing like a weed!  The other day I mentioned to a friend that he hadn't tried to pull up on anything yet.  Then I turned around and set him in a chair with arms (we were at a bounce house place) to feed him baby food, and while I was finding the jar of food in the diaper bag, he proceeded to pull up on the arm of the chair and stand up!!  Way to prove me wrong, Davey! :)  He is eating all kinds of 'real' food now, little pieces of chicken nuggets, salmon, strawberries, waffles, tuna, toast, banana, [potato, noodles, alllll kinds of stuff.  He loves it all!  His favorites are bananas and goldfish crackers. :)  He has four teeth now, and should have six before TOO long, I hope!!  He crawled up onto the bottom shelf of an end table today, which I have pictures of Nat doing not that long ago!!  I can't wait for him to be able to run around with his brother and sister, I know they will all have SO much fun! :)  At this point, he hates to sit (will NOT stay sitting up) but loves to crawl, and hates to walk (whenever I try to help him he fusses at me) but loves to be held standing up! :)

Another of Nat's favorite phrases lately is "I AM!", when you ask her to do something and she's working on it (or thinks she is)- not one of my favorites, but funny coming from a 2-year-old. :)

One morning Z ran over Nat's toes with a trike on the porch, after I had asked him to be more careful, so he was sitting in time out.  I asked him what he was thinking about, and he responded, "That I ran over my sister's toes with the bike. Is that what I should be thinkin' about?"  He is four and a HALF now, and as I was editing pictures this week, I realized just how BIG he's getting.  And five sounds really old!!

We ate salmon at camp tonight, and when I told Zachary it was a kind of fish (which we don't eat a lot of at home), he asked, "Does it still have the slime on it?"  (He recently took up fishing with his daddy and caught his first fish this week and must have experienced the sliminess of it? That's my guess!) :)

When Davey cries, Nat is such a sweet little mama to him, she always says, "S'okay, Davey. I here. I here." :)

On the walk home from camp last night, we had one of the sweetest moments - it made this mama's heart swell up and almost explode. :)  I was pushing Davey in the stroller with Z and Nat walking in front of us, and Z took Natalie's hand (and she let him, which is unusual!), and said, "Know what? I love you."  Nat smiled at him and said, "Luvoo too."  Zachary smiled back at her and said, "You're a sweet sister."  Then they stopped and gave each other a hug!  I was seriously tearing up! :)

So thankful for my little sweethearts! :)

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