Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preschool - Letter L!

We're back! :)  Actually, this is a summation of pretty much the entire second half of December - we studied the letter L and had LOTS of no-school days due to doctor appointments, visits with friends, birthdays, and lots of other fun activities. :)  We did manage to fit the letter L in, though, and lots of fun Christmas activities! :)

Here is our circle time board for the letter L.  Natalie loves to play with the gumballs and the velcro weather clothes. :)

Here is our Bible time board - the song this week was called God Gave the Law, and it was an overview of the ten commandments we've already studied.  (website here)  We have one more song, one more week on this CD, and then we're going to move on to Sovereign Grace's To Be Like Jesus - again, one song a week with a corresponding verse.  I'm hoping to add a few more Bible activities into our school weeks next semester.

Here's Zachary doing a sequencing page - he's getting better at these as we go through the year!  I got this book from the Dollar Tree a couple years back.

Natalie coloring on her Log L.

Zachary coloring his Log L.

Making long lines for wood grain.  The circles he drew (he drew!!! He never draws!) are knots in the logs. :)

Natalie's finished Log L

Zachary's finished Log L

Natalie coloring a Color by Shape page from Carisa's Tot School website (1+1+1=1).

Zachary coloring by shapes, too.

Their finished pictures - Nat's is on the left, and Z's is on the right. :)

Tracing the number 12 - his handwriting (and willingness to TRY at handwriting) has improved GREATLY since we started in September.  He even tried (& succeeded at) writing a 12 himself on the empty bottom line!  Worksheet from www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com.

Tracing an oval, and the word oval.  

Showing off his work.  Shape tracer worksheets found here.

Zachary telling me something interesting while doing his blend ladder (found here). 

We studied candy canes this month - did you know the candy cane is really all about Jesus?  We read two books which I got from the library about the candy cane.  Zachary preferred this one...

but I actually thought this book did an even better job of explaining the candy cane & it's connection to Jesus.

We colored a page about a candy cane (from here).

And then, of course, we had to eat a candy cane. :)

Zachary ate one, too. :)

We did these puzzles.  I wish I could remember exactly where these came from, but I'm pretty sure they came from one of the links on this awesome list of advent activities. :)  

We made sugar cone Christmas trees on Christmas Eve- Zachary has spread frosting on his cone & is now eating some frosting. :)

I spread the frosting on Nat's cone for her, and now she's sticking candy on. :)

Here's Zachary's finished tree!

And my finished tree! :)  After we did our craft, we had three trees, so I told the story of the Three Trees (from memory, I failed to check out this book from the library in time). :(  Anyhow, I went and was working on something else when Z said, "It was actually a good thing that Jesus died on the cross."  I came back, sat down and talked with him about Jesus for a while, and after we talked for a few minutes, he said he wanted to ask Jesus to live in his heart!  And he did!  Every day since then, he has said, "Jesus lives in my heart now!" What a special Christmas joy! :)

Natalie's messy face after licking all the frosting off her tree. :)

Here is our Christmas countdown calendar - we did not do a great job of keeping up with this every day, but it was fun when we remembered to move the bear.  This was mine as a child, so it's neat to share it with the kids. :)

Zachary drawing with their Christmas present - these washable dot markers.

Natalie drawing with the dot markers. :)

Zachary was also in our church's Christmas program this month - he sang with the kids and also sat on the stage during the production (as a visiting neighbor kid).  He did a GREAT job, and took it very seriously, as you can see. :)

Here he is singing with the kids! :)

And Natalie celebrated her 2nd birthday!!!  She is such a joy, though she is definitely exhibiting signs of being two!  She wants to do everything herself, her way, and will not stand for being told otherwise. :)  Here she is getting ready to enjoy her dirt cake at her family birthday dinner. :)

And here she is enjoying dancing in her new tutu from her great-grandma! :)

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a blessed celebration of Christ's birthday! :)

Well, we're taking a few weeks off for a holiday break, then we'll be back towards the end of January with the letter M!  Hmmm...I need to do some school planning before then... :)  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! :)   Check out what everyone else has done lately for Tot School and Preschool Corner! :)  


Brittney said...

Looks fun, educational, and yummy!

We own The Candymaker's Gift, and I was surprised at how well my son enjoyed it and remembered the meaning of the story. He went back to "read" it by himself several times.

Stopping by from Tot School!


Julie said...

Praise the Lord about Z accepting Christ!!

You do such a good job with school with your kiddos!

Bronwyn said...

What a lot of fun activities. Hope you had a good Christmas Day.