Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kidlet Hilarity

The kids have been hilarious over the last month, but I haven't had any time to write!  Thankfully, I have a new app on my phone that is like a sticky note, and I can record all the funny things they say there! :)  So here's all the hilarity I've been privy to the last few weeks! :)

I put a pair of socks in Zachary's stocking that had the little non-slip bumps on the bottom, and I told him that they would help him not to fall down (especially on the wood flooring in our upstairs, if you wear socks, it can be very slippery).  So the next day, he wore them, and proceeded to stand in the living room and fall down on purpose.  It was hilarious.  He was throwing himself down on the ground, and then said to me, "I thought you said these socks would keep me from falling down!"

One day at supper time, the kids switched places and sat in each other's seats.  I said I didn't mind, and Z said, "That's good, because Natalie didn't finish her cookie at snack time!" :)

At supper, when we prayed, Natalie said she wanted to pray, but then didn't say anything else, just closed her eyes and sat quietly.  Z said, "I think she's talking to her head." :)

Natalie is saying all kinds of new words - it is SO fun!! She comes up with something new every day - today she brought out her monkey & her purse and said, "Ah-ah, purse." Ah-ah means monkey, because that's the sound a monkey makes.  She brought her monkey to nap with her, and a few hours later, when Daddy came home and asked her how her nap was, she said, "Ah-ah. Nigh-nigh."  She is such a cutie.  Zachary uses these certain hand motions when he talks - he's very serious, always shaking his head and gesturing with his hands, and Natalie often uses the exact same motions. :)

When we were on vacation, Davey slept in our room while Z & Nat slept in Grandma & Grandpa's room - one night, Nat woke up in the middle of the night, and Z came to find us, saying, "Mommy, Natalie needs you!"  I thought it was so sweet...the first time...not so much the second or third time that night... :)

While we were on vacation, we met my sister's boyfriend, and the kids especially loved him.  Nat often pretends to talk on the phone to him and whenever I say anything about Auntie Beth, she adds, "And Don!" :)  Anyhow, while we were together, Zachary was practicing his counting, and Auntie Beth asked him if he could count to Don's age.  "No", replied Zachary, "I can only count to 60." :)

On the second leg of our trip, we spent time with the kids first cousin, baby Reed!  He is about a month older than Davey (but Davey is quite the linebacker, he has him beat in height and weight). :)  They do look a LOT alike, though - many people commented that Davey and Reed could be brothers instead of cousins!  Every so often, Zachary would look at one of the babies and ask, "Which baby is that?"

There was a treat table set up at Grandma's house, and the kids knew they had to ask if they wanted a treat throughout the day.  One day, Zachary asked his uncle Jason, "Can I have a treat?"  "Hmmm, I think that's a Mommy decision." Jason replied.  "No, I think it's your decision", Zachary responded.  "Well, then my decision is no," said Jason.  Zachary thought for a second, and responded, "No, it's a Mommy decision." :)

One day when I asked Zachary to throw something in the garbage for me, he instead responded, "Let's have Natalie be the volunteer."

At the doctor, Zachary was asking all kinds of questions, so the doctor asked him, "Do you want to be a doctor when you grow up?"  "No," he responded emphatically.  "I want to be a daddy!"  I LOVED this one! :) I seriously almost cried, it was so precious! :)  All of our kids adore their daddy, he is so good with them. :)

One night when I put Natalie to bed, I forgot to pray, so she asked to pray by saying, "Amen! Amen!"  Then I started praying and thanking God for Natalie, and Davey, and she interrupted, "and Bubba!" which is what she still calls Zachary. :)  She certainly adores her Bubba, and does everything he does.

At Joel's parents church in Iowa, they have pagers in the nursery to let you know if your little one needs you, which is a GREAT peace of mind, especially when you have a fussy baby or a tiny one!  Anyhow, halfway through the service, sure enough, the pager went off, and I went to collect my fussy, exhausted Davey.  Their sanctuary has windows at the back and you can sit in the entryway and still hear the sermon without disturbing anyone, so Davey and I sat back there.  During the closing song and prayer, a little boy, about 4 years old, came out and was running around being silly.  Davey was a little tired & slap-happy, and he got the giggles about the boy running around.  He was laughing so loud that everyone in the vestibule was looking at him, and I couldn't help but laugh along with him! :)

Z: "Natalie, can you say mess?"  Nat: "Yes."  Z: "Well, go ahead and say it, then."  Nat: "Mess."

Z: "Natalie, take your thumb out of your mouth and say this with me."  (Can you tell he's the oldest child?)

The most common phrase we hear in our house is "Me, too!"  (from Natalie, of course, constantly)  I feel like I live in a Little Critter book! :)

One day when Z was sitting on the potty, Natalie was playing in the play kitchen, and Z called out to her, "Natalie! I need some tea!"  Nat responded so seriously, "Okay! Here come me!" and kept running in, bringing him things while he was sitting there. I found it hilarious. :)

I told Natalie it was time to get in the bath.  She leaned over, peering into the empty bathtub, turned around, looked at me, and said, "Water?" :)

As we were playing GeoBingo the other day, Zachary had trouble pronouncing some of the state names, and I was commenting on how hard they were.  He picked another one up, and said, "Oh, this is a hard one, too, but I handle it pretty well." :)

Well, if you made it all the way through, you get a prize!  Unless you're a grandparent, and then you're supposed to think all these things are just as hilarious as I think they are. :)  I just love the hilariously unexpected nature of what my kids will say & I hope you all enjoyed them, too! :)

Also, we are back to school, nearly finished with the letter N, and I hope to get a post up about M and N sometime soon...not going to be more specific than that...since coming back from vacation, I've found the need to really unplug from a lot of what I used to do online.  I've missed my friends' blogs & the time on Facebook, but honestly, my family needs me the most, and my days go a lot more smoothly when I'm not as distracted by online interactions.  When I do have the time, I'll be online, but it may be a little bit sporadic.  I'd love to hear how other moms of little ones balance their online time with LIFE, if you have any tips or suggestions! :)


Julie said...

CUTE! I read it all the way through and enjoyed it. I especially like the socks :o) Funny :o)

Im not so good at balancing being online and doing what I need to (and being THERE there for the kids, not just my presence you know?). I get so much more done when I dont get on but then I get bored and turn the computer on, then I get sucked in... It something Im working one, balance. I try to only get on when the girls nap but I tend to not turn it off when they get up. It does go off when Randy is up and home. Soooo, yeah. Im not much help am I?

Our Family for His Glory said...

I love these!! So fun! :) Your kids are growing so big & just as precious as ever!