Thursday, December 8, 2011

Preschool - Letter K!

We studied the letter K this week! I didn't take a ton of pictures, and we were busy with Z's birthday and some other things going on, but we did learn a lot, despite the fact that I don't have many pictures of it! :) Here is our K circle time board for the week:

And our Bible time board. We studied the commandment about coveting your neighbor's stuff. I think Z could define the word 'covet' now. :) I loved the point that we need to be content and not covet other people's things because God has given us everything we need. I can't say enough good things about this CD that we're using for our Bible curriculum! :)

We used construction paper and a glitter glue pen (and a googly eye) to make a King K this week. First, Z colored his royal robes. Then we punched circles out of yellow paper and glued them onto the crown, then painted the crown with a glitter glue pen - we squeezed the glitter glue onto the crown and then the kids painted it with paintbrushes. I am waaaay to wimpy to let my kids craft with actual glitter, they literally have never used glitter in any craft ever.

Nat made a crown for her King K, too. :) (I just print out one K per week for her & she colors, dot paints and crafts all on the same paper).

Zachary did a Kite cutting page from 's Letter of the Week Curriculum. He has really improved in his small motor skills since the beginning of the school year! :)

The kids did these 3-part Christmas puzzles one day - Natalie couldn't figure them out, but they were too easy for Zachary. But he enjoyed them anyway. :)

I printed these smiley faces on colored paper a couple of years ago, and you can use them to match clothespins that you color, but this week we played a more active game with them - the kids jumped on the color that I called out. They really enjoyed this. Natalie knows the colors purple and brown, and is working on the rest of them. :)

We also played a Twister-ish version where we reviewed body parts, too - I would say "Put your elbow on the blue smiley face". :)

Natalie enjoyed jumping on the smiley's too. :)

We colored a Christmas tree color by number. I thought Z did a great job coloring all the little pieces, though he didn't color much in the green sections. :) Natalie did a lot of coloring on hers, too, so I was proud of her for that! :)

We made reindeer with handprints & footprints- sooooo cute! :) Z's is on the left, and Nat's is on the right, and they turned out so cute that I HAD to make a little teeeeny one to keep for Davey! :) I might never take it down, look how little his teensy widdle footeypwint is! :) :) Anyhow, I got the idea here.

As I mentioned, Zachary turned FOUR this week. Really? Oh, yes, really. He has been talking about it nonstop for a LONG time now, and was VERY excited about his big day finally being here. :) He got a lot of books and games for presents, so that was really fun. Here he is playing with a big United States floor puzzle from his Auntie Beth:

Daddy helped him put it together and it was SO cute to hear him pronounce (so badly) the names of all the states. :)

This is a present from his great-grandparents, a Crayola Glow Board. You can draw on two different plexiglass levels, and then they light up individually or together - it's really cool. Natalie enjoys drawing on this, too. And we did discover that the markers are washable. So that's good. :)

Zachary got this Mega Blocks Match & Build game from his great-aunt & uncle, and he LOVES it. We have played it several times. You spin a spinner and go around a board picking up pieces of blocks to make a little animal with - you have to see which blocks you need & then put them together like the card says.

He won the very first game we played! Here he is with his little bear!

He also got this GeoBingo game - he didn't understand the 5-in-a-row Bingo part, but wanted to fill his card UP, so we read through the state cards till his card was full. :) Again, I just loved hearing him pronounce the states so badly! :) He is really learning about the states from this game & the puzzle, though & can name many more of them than he could last week! :)

He also loved having a turn to read off the cards (and lots more hilarious pronunciations). :)

Here he is blowing out his candle!!! We will have a combined party with some friends for Z & Nat (who turns 2 in 2 weeks), but we had a special dinner with our family - he chose chicken wings, cottage cheese, olives, Doritos, and chocolate cake. :) All delicious & lots of fun. :)

Davey had rice cereal for the first time this week! :) He does better each time I give it to him, only 3 times so far. :)

Davey also pulled on his carseat toy on his own & can pick things up now, so that is really fun! :) He is going through a difficult sleep stage (I think he is just done with being swaddled, but he doesn't sleep as well unswaddled, so aaaaargh...)...anyhow, I am looking forward to him figuring that out. :) But he is SUCH a happy guy in between his sleep/nap issues!

And here's a super cute picture of sweet Natalie, and her eye-hanging hair. :) I have found some clips that work pretty well...she keeps them in for maybe 2 hours at a time and will bring them to me saying, "Bow!" so I can put it back when she rips it out. So that is actually a great improvement. :) She is talking more every day - on the way home from church last week she kept saying, "Dop! Dop!" and we could not figure out what she was saying until I was singing later in the week and she held her hand up to me and ordered me to "Dop!". Apparently it means STOP. :)

I'm not linking up this week since I'm SUPER duper late getting this post up, but you should really check out everyone else's great ideas at Preschool Corner and Tot School if you're interested. :)

Let's see...this is Friday, and at this point we have only had school ONE day this week (today), though we may have school tomorrow. Anyhow, the kids' birthday party is Monday, and I'm doing grocery shopping tomorrow, and um, CLEANING at some probably not. And so letter L will probably be carried into next week and then I'll post about it after we get it done. :) My goal for the fall was to finish L before Christmas, and we are going to do that, and then take a couple weeks off of schoolwork to celebrate Christmas break & then vacation to visit our families around New Years! :) Then we'll come back and dive into M & the retreat season in January! :)

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Julie said...

At Walmart if you go to the aisle with the hair stuff theres little packages of tiny plastic/rubberband'ish hair things that are hard for the kids to pull out of their hair. It pulls a bit when you take them out but it does help them to stay in. They have three different sizes in a pack and are different colors. I still use them in my girls hair since its still kind of thin and slick.