Thursday, November 3, 2011

Us Lately

Zachary came out of the bathroom after a long time with only the bottom half of his pants completely soaked. "What happened?" I asked him. "How did your pants get wet?" "Don't worry", he replied, "It didn't come from my wee-wee. I accidentally poured water on myself." Oh, ok. No problem.

"Rollercoasters are so tall. Taller than a house. Taller than a BIG DOG." (Z)

Natalie uses the word 'need' all the time lately. Like if you're eating chips, and she feels she needs some, she points to the spot on her plate where the chips belong and insists, "Nee! Nee!"

A melt-my-heart moment - Z & I were having our before-bed prayer time while Davey sat on my lap & burped. I had my eyes half open to make sure Davey wasn't about to flop backwards from me or anything, and I saw that he was smiling at his big brother, who was at that moment thanking God for our family. :)

While watching football on a Sunday afternoon, Natalie was concerned for the players' safety. Every time they made a play and fell down, she would say, "Ohhhh, down! Okay-kay?"

Natalie has a hilarious new response to most any question, she puts her lip out and responds forlornly, "Yeeeeeeah...." in a 'yeah, I guess so' kind of tone. After Joel had taken her shopping the other day, he asked her, "Did you have fun with Daddy today?" and she looked down and responded, "yeaaaahhhh".

When we finish praying I say, "In Jesus' name we pray, and we all say..." and Z responds, "Amen!" Natalie's response lately has been "A-moo!" Getting close...

The kids were popping their heads out of the playhouse window and pretending to be cuckoos on a cuckoo clock. I asked Z, "What time is it?" and he responded, "59" or "100". When Natalie popped her head out and said cuckoo, I asked her what time it was and she responded with a proper Sunday school answer, "God". Zachary cracked up and said, "I guess it's God time!" :)

A Natalie Pronunciation Guide:
"Mee-mee" = nose
"Boooh" = book
"Boo-boo boo-boo" = Belly button
"Ba-ba" = Bubba or Bottle
"Sausage" = sausage
"Beh-ee" = Berries
"Nigh-nigh" = sleeping or jammies or bed (anything to do with sleeping, apparently)
"Ah-ah" = monkey
"Puh-pol" = purple or any other color
"Sigh" = Outside or inside
"Cheews" = shoes
"Gah" = God

Davey is a big 3 month old now! I moved his swing into his room so he takes naps in there in the day time now, and he is doing pretty well with that, though sometimes he's had a harder time going down for his naps than he did when his swing was in the living room. He also does better riding in the car than he used to, especially if he will take his binky. I got out the exersaucer this week and he has sat in it a couple of times, and seems to really enjoy it. Zachary and Natalie love to play with him when he's in there, too! :) He has started blowing raspberries ALL the time - whether he's happy, sad, or mad! It makes me laugh when he's frustrated and he's blowing raspberries. :)


Anonymous said...

Today I was praying with Gracie (we're potty training her, and this is requiring GREAT quantities of prayer!). We prayed that God would help her pee in the potty and keep her panties dry, and then I said, "In Jesus' name . . ." and Gracie finished with a resounding "CHOCOLATE CHIPS!"

AnNaLeEnUmBeR17 said...

Aww! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your "Random things kids say" posts! Your kids make me smile = )