Sunday, November 20, 2011

Preschool - Letter J!

We studied the letter J this week! We had a busy week with MOPS & other things going on, but we managed to squeeze in quite a bit of school! :) We did Circle Time and Bible time each day - here's Nattie about to check out the circle time board. For our Bible time this week, we studied lying, and Zachary did a good job with our verse. Our Bible story was about Ananias & Sapphira lying about the money they gave, and I think it made an impact on Z. :) Our song was called Do Not Lie from this cd.

The kids enjoyed playing with some magnetic games on Monday, to start out the week. Z is playing with magnetic dress-up Joey from Melissa & Doug, and Natalie is playing with a magnetic shapes book.

On Wednesday, we started our school week with a J/j sorting game.

Z did a good job with it, and Natalie wanted to help too. :)

Not sure exactly what Natalie's doing, but Z's doing a blend ladder. :)

He did this Mayflower/pilgrims counting game (yes, he is sitting on the table, why do you ask?) :) This is from Musings of Me (an awesome site for adorable early learning printables).

Zachary and Natalie colored with markers on these little jigsaw puzzles (these are from Joann's, they are meant to be cards & come with envelopes that they fit in). :)

Then we took apart our puzzles and glued the pieces on a Jigsaw puzzle J. :)

Here's Zachary's:

And Natalie's:

We played with Rocket Numbers (you put the missing number where it belongs) - these are also from Musings of Me - from her Space Unit.

We played a matching game with Z's beginning sounds consonant cards: (these were part of our weekly curriculum last year)

while Davey watched from his new Bumbo seat. :)

Whoa, Mom, that's enough with the camera! :) This was just one of those moments where my heart was full and I was so thankful for all of my children and I could just feel it, it was perfect, all of us together at the table, the older 2 working, and the baby watching happily, and it was just wonderful. A great homeschooling moment. :)

Zachary colored a letter J page.

Then we did this craft - a leaf rubbing tree. Leaf rubbing is harder for three year old boys than it would appear. Anyhow, we persevered and Z rubbed some leaves. :) And also a little pinecone and some pine needles (which did not work at all, but he wanted to try). :)

Then I cut out the leaf rubbings, and we taped them onto a paper towel tube. Cute! :)

Also can be used as a megaphone. :)

We did a pilgrim hat size sort (also from Musings of Me), which Z did very well at. Later in the week, I did this activity with Natalie and we discussed the meanings of big & small/little, which one is bigger, which one is smaller, and she basically didn't seem to get much of it at all. However, she did enjoy holding the little hats up to our heads & pretending we were wearing them. :)

We finished up our schoolwork this week with a snacktime activity, using Cheerios with our Add It game (found here.) First, you put the correct number of Cheerios in the green & yellow boxes to correspond with the numbers on the left.

Then you use your super cool scoop to scoooop all the Cheerios together down into the blue box.

Then you count the Cheerios & find the right number to complete your math fact! I think this is a great & fun way to teach the concept of addition! :) Z had fun with it! :)

It snowed again this week, and we got to play outside, complete with snowpants this time. Natalie still did not have any boots, but she had a pretty good time anyway. :) (I would like to add that I finally got on the ball & bought boots for her this weekend). :)

And of course Zachary had a great time, too. :)

Well, we're taking the week 'off' for Thanksgiving - Joel's grandma is visiting, so I have some special Thanksgiving activities we may do, but if we don't, we'll save them for next year. :) See you in two weeks! :) Check out what everyone else is doing over at Preschool Corner & Tot School! :)

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