Sunday, November 6, 2011

Preschool - Letter H!

We studied the letter H this week! And started the month of November? Wait, wasn't it just August last week? Crazy!!! Only 2 more weeks of school before Thanksgiving break! We'll be taking Thanksgiving week off to spend time with Joel's grandma who is flying here from Texas! She has never met Miss Natalie, or, of course, little Davey, so we are really looking forward to her visit! :) Here is our circle time board, which we still enjoy changing every day:

For Bible time this week, we talked about the commandment not to commit adultery. Of course this commandment is difficult to teach to children, especially preschoolers, and I really like the way the song from our CD (website here) relates this to being faithful to God and how He is always faithful to us. Let me also say that the way my 3-year-old says the words 'faithful' and 'faithless' is super cute. :) Our Bible story was about God's promise to Abraham that he would have a son & a great nation would come from his family, and then the fulfillment of that promise with Isaac's birth.

Zachary loves anything that I call a 'game' - so we started the week with a GAME where we matched colored hippos with the colored words that go along with them (from here) - I wish I had printed out a set of the color words in black and white to challenge Z a little more, since he already knows his colors. :) But he enjoyed it.

Then we made words with our blend ladder, I'm not sure why Natalie's upset here. And Z has a letter in his mouth...yep, this is school some days. :)

They are drawing in a Pooh chalk book, you can draw with chalk right on the special pages - they both loved this & did it twice this week!

Natalie is playing with her Tupperware shape sorter, she is pretty good at this but gets frustrated when the oval won't fit into the circle, etc. and she thinks it should. :)

We made handprint H's - here is Zachary's - he did his first & because of the non-washable ink we were using, I was more worried about that than getting pictures, I guess...

Here's Natalie, not wanting to get her hands dirty...

she finally did. :)

She made up this small motor activity on her own - sticking pick up sticks into these nails from our toolbox set. :)

We dot painted! (printable here)

Natalie dot painted, too, on a beginning counting worksheet from

Zachary used his dot marker to mark which number was correct on his counting worksheet, also from

This is consistently Z's favorite activity - his Letter Hunt story! I think the fact that it's a story that we can read and then circle the letters makes it his favorite. :)

We played with our Alphabet Builders - you know, I thought this would be one activity he would consistently love to do this year, but actually he doesn't love it, and sometimes has a hard time with it, so we may take a few weeks off from it.

We played with a counting clothespin number wheel.

Our theme for the week was hands & skin, so we used this magnifying glass to examine our skin, and lots of other things. :)

And here they are fighting over the magnifying glass...

Natalie did get a turn with it. :)

Zachary did a sequencing page, which I think is so good for him - this book is from the Dollar Tree, and we also have a shapes & colors one that he enjoys doing every so often.

He did a great job - even glued the pictures on himself with a glue stick! Again, he likes this because it has a story along with it.

The last activity we did this week was a great gift from a friend who teaches preschool - a Parmesan cheese container with milk caps inside that have the letters of the kids names on them! We also used pick up sticks with the holes in the top of the containers, and Natalie enjoyed putting in the milk caps and taking them out.

Zachary worked on spelling his name - first he came up with Zaachry from sounding it out, so I thought that was pretty good. :)

Here's just an extra cute picture of Natalie this week! I know her hair is getting long in her eyes, I try to put a barrette in it, but she takes it out. I don't want to cut it & make her have bangs, though!
And here's a super cute picture of Davey in his exersaucer!!! He is getting so big and enjoys sitting in his exersaucer - but only if everyone is around, and only for a few minutes at a time! :)

This is my favorite picture of all 3 kids to this point! Davey in his exersaucer, the other 2 gathered around. Nat has a great smile, and Z is playing with Davey. I also love that Z's gun is right there, he had been telling David something about how it worked right before this picture was taken. :) I love watching my 3 interact, it is just triple the fun & blessings! :)

Well, I'm a little late getting this posted, but you can check out everyone's creative ideas for school at Tot School and Preschool Corner! We'll be back next week with the letter I!


Anonymous said...

What a fun week with the letter Hh! The Handprint H is very cute!

Julie said...

Both my girls pulled barretts out and I didnt want them to have bangs. If you can hold out for awhile and not let the hair in the eyes bother you they start to push them out of their eyes on their own. After awhile the hair also will naturally fall so they arent in the eyes. With my oldest girl my hubby cut her bangs when they were *finally* almost to that point (they were bothering him)... Yeah, lets just say I wasnt to happy :o) Her hair took FOREVER to grow too (she was 2 before her hair was even long enough to put a barrett in it).

ExploreColorado said...

Preschool is such a fun age. 3 and 4 year olds minds are like a sponge. All your activities look like great fun.