Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tot School - Letter D

Well, it's time for a Tot School post once again! Our 4th week of school took us two weeks to complete, because we took a week off in the middle to travel to Illinois and Iowa for a quick trip to visit family, and to surprise my Grandpa for his 90th birthday! Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Zachary walking with his Grandpa (my dad): I think we went to a different park every day, Z loved it. :)

Natalie with her Great-Grandpa, eating crackers on his lap - Happy 90th birthday, Great-Grandpa, Surprise!!! :)

Zachary playing the piano at Grandma's house:

Zachary and Natalie playing the piano together with Grandma (my mom):

Grandma and Grandpa bought Zachary a Thomas train set after he saw one at a toy store & would not walk away from it long enough to pick out any other toy! :)

Also, I forgot to post a finished picture of our puffy paint clouds last week, so I thought I'd share those: They actually didn't turn out that great, I think we used too much shaving cream! :(

So....our letter this week(s) was D. Here is our morning board: Z learned his verse well, and by the end of the week, he could sing along with the hymns of the week a little bit, too!

Zachary got several new sight words this week, and identified the word 'to' on the front of a book!

He played with a new wipe-off book and markers from a friend:

He built a big tower with our new stacking cups from Ikea:

And used a maraca to knock it down!

Here he demonstrates how the cups stack :)

we made the letter D with playdough-

We put together our A-Z caterpillar floor puzzle:

We used these A-Z uppercase/lowercase letter matching puzzles - a great tool - with letters A-D, which we've studied so far.

For our letter collage, we made a 'dirty' D. With dirt. In the yard. He LOVED this. :)

adding lots more dirt...
putting dirt on Mommy's foot...
he's supposed to be showing off the final product, but he's distracted by the dirt still. :)

We also made a dinosaur out of shapes this week - directions here. Zachary colored the dinosaur's 'habitat' with markers, then I cut out the shapes and made shapes on the page with glue and had him choose which shape matched the glue shape I drew, and then we glued them on - it was fun. :)

Just for fun - I don't know why Zachary is making this face, but I think it's funny. :)
He is so fun, he has started saying, 'thank you' spontaneously, which makes my day! Today he said, "Thank you for covering me up", when I finished tucking him in for his nap! :)

My Two Tots

Here's my two little ones playing with each other in Kohl's in their carts - so cute! :) They enjoy playing together, but are definitely starting to have issues with sharing toys, personal space, etc! :)

and a hug for Natalie, after a few minutes of playing nicely together! :)

My Tiny Tot

Natalie's new accomplishments this week include crawling on all fours on a regular basis, pulling up and standing in many new places around the house, and growling repeatedly (super adorable!) :) Here she is working hard to crawl:

And standing at the fridge! :) SO BIG! :)

Well, if you want to read what other people are doing for Tot School this week, head on over to 1+1+1=1! :)


Madonna said...

Love the D for dirt activity. Such a perfect idea for little boys.

sbswtp said...

What a great week! :)

Julie said...

I just noticed at the top of your blog that Natalie is already 9 months! Crazy! Time is going crazy fast.
Good job Z at recognizing the word to in a book! Smart boy.

Stefanie said...

They are too cute!! Looks like a fun week!

Laura said...

What a fun week. My son loves the piano too :) I am sure the dirt activity would have been a big hit with Smiley as well :)