Monday, July 19, 2010

An Interview With...Moi! :)

Over on my friend Erin's blog, I saw a game where she had another reader submit five questions to her for an "interview" type of post. I thought it would be fun to do, so Erin sent me five questions to answer on my blog! If any of you would like to participate, you can see the "rules of the game" at the bottom of this post.

1. If you could acquire any talent that you lack, what would it be and why?
Hmmm...probably a talent for speed-cleaning! :) No, really, I would actually LOVE to be a good photographer! I love to take pictures of my kids, and I love the editing part, but when I get my photos to my computer, I'm like, "Oh, what was I thinking? The dirty laundry is right behind Natalie's cute head, and you can see that every toy we own is on the floor -crop that out!"....etc. :) So, to be a good photographer, that would be the talent I would choose. :)

2. What is the most rewarding part of being a mom?
This was a hard question for me, because with my kids being so young, I'm in the thick of the discipline and hard work, and not necessarily seeing a ton of rewards right now, but occasionally when Z actually stops & thinks & then chooses to obey instead of disobeying, that feels pretty amazing. And I don't mean that being a mom isn't rewarding in this stage, I just think that the biggest rewards of good, consistent parenting when your children are toddlers will probably show up later rather than sooner. I also love hearing my son speak truth about God, and speak of/to God lovingly - it is so awesome to hear his little voice saying things like, "Jesus is God. God is Jesus' Daddy. Jesus' Daddy made the sunshine. Jesus died on the cwoss for that we can go to Heaven with Him. We love God." Those are the little gems that shine when I sit down after bedtime & look back over my days. :)

3. If you weren’t married with kids, what would be your dream job?
This is so hard, because I've always, always wanted to just stay home with my kids...I chose teaching as my major so I could work with kids, and I loved teaching preschool. So probably teaching preschool...but I also REALLY enjoyed working in the office at camp - I love typing & office work, and I love working with people. I don't know. I think my true and totally unrealistic 'dream' job would be an ice-cream tester for Perry's ice cream. Mmmmmmm. :) Actually, I'm not picky, I'd test ice cream for any old company! :)

4. What is the best part of living at camp for your family?
Wow, I think there are just so many great parts - this summer I am really starting to see how I can minister to the staff & campers just by being here with my kids & by sharing my kids with them (and through prayer), and also it is amazing to see how the staff especially ministers to my family, and is such a blessing to me. I think it's great that my children are able to interact with all ages of people, and I am thankful that I get to be a stay-at-home mom, but at the same time be involved in ministry on a daily basis! Also, if you want to learn to be more flexible, go work at a camp - you HAVE to become more flexible each day that you work at camp!!! :)

5. What is the greatest sound in the world?
This question is the easiest - the sound of my kids laughing, especially when they're playing together and making each other laugh - so sweet!!! There is just something therapeutic about children's laughter! :)

Want to play along???
1 - Leave a comment with your blog URL, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your blog with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.


Julie said...

I enjoyed reading your q's and a's! mmm, and ice cream tester, good idea for a job ;o) I would like to play the interview game.

Erin said...

Loved reading your answers. You would make a great ice cream tester. In fact, I think Anna and I should be partners in that venture. We could all work together that way. Thanks so much for doing the interview.