Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Morning

I just realized I haven't blogged in a sweet forever, so I thought I would remedy that by pouring out my thoughts for a couple minutes this morning.

Yes, it's Sunday morning, but I'm not at church. :( Natalie has a cold, so I don't want to put her in the nursery, and I want her to get a good nap. We plan to go tonight and I will wear her and walk in the back of the evening service, since it's more informal (Hubby preaches!) :)

About 4:30 last night, I was texting with a friend and she mentioned that there was a tornado headed our way. We live in a trailer. I was concerned. I told Hubby, who checked the weather, and packed us all up, and we went to camp, and hung out in the downstairs hallway for a few minutes with the entire staff - we sang Mighty to Save, which was amazing. I guess there was a tornado about 10 miles from camp, and several of them were spotted in our area! Our friends who volunteer at the camp and live about 5 miles away had very strong winds and lots of trees down and a neighbor's barn torn up - scary stuff! But we were all safe.

The power was out for 7 hours last night. From 6 pm to 1 am. We all sleep with fans. Hubby was gone to a staff outing. It was not a fun 7 hours. Natalie refused to nap after we got home from our camp adventure, even though she was super-tired, and sick. So we switched to bath time (by candlelight), and then I put Z to bed - he kept asking me over and over to turn his fan on, and could not understand why I wouldn't! After I fed Natalie and put her down, I went outside and read a magazine on the porch swing for 45 minutes while they fell asleep, and came in at 8:45 and they slept soundly until the power came back on at 1 am. Actually Z didn't even wake up at 1, but Natalie did, and smiled at me, and went right back to sleep.

Both kids slept till 8 this morning - Natalie till 8:30! That is a rare treat from Zachary, but pretty normal for Natalie. She is 7 months old now! Precious girl - she is such a sweetie, always smiling & chattering, even when she's sick! She loves to say "ba!" at random intervals. :) She loves her baby food, and I've started giving her things like frozen banana, watermelon, and even a piece of a strawberry juice popsicle in her Fresh Food Feeder. She eats those little puff cereal things by Gerber, but she can't figure out how to get them in her mouth by herself - she picks them up in her fist, but then she can't get them from there to her mouth & she gets mad - it's so funny. :) She's still not crawling, but she did scoot herself backwards the other day, and she is trying very hard to get up on her knees & move! :)

Zachary is so funny - he says the most hilarious things & just picks up on everything. Hmmm...what has he said lately? He's really into saying, "Dis is my favorite _____." especially if he wants me to do something for him - for example, "Dis is my favorite book, Mama. Will you read dis to me? It's my favorite." :) He still loves reading books & we read a lot. Some friends at camp taught him to say, "Get it? Got it. Good." so he says that a lot, and asks me if I get it sometimes. :) At lunch the other day, a camper came over to admire my kiddos, and while she was looking at Natalie, Z said, "Natalie is 7 months old", so I thought that was pretty cute.

My parents and sister came for a visit, and it was really nice to see them. We had a good time watching the kids play, and hanging out. They bought Z a little golf set, which he loves. :) And lots of cute clothes, of course. And a Melissa & Doug block puzzle that has 6 puzzles in one - LOVE it! :)

I have been working a LOT on Tot school planning & making Tot School stuff for the fall, so I hope to get a post up for Tot School today or tomorrow! I've also been working at camp some still, and tomorrow is my LAST youth camp registration (at least for this year). Looking forward to having that off of my shoulders!

Well, sick Natalie is fussing, so I'd better go see what she needs - she's only been in bed for 40 minutes - yikes! :( Hope to update again soon! :)

Edited To Add: The whole reason I came to write this post!!! A friend of mine texted me this morning - she is between 7 and 11 weeks pregnant, and she is bleeding this morning & headed to the ER with her husband! I don't want to share any details, but if you think of my friend, please pray for her!!!

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Julie said...

Hope Natalie is feeling better. Poor baby. Glad you guys were safe in the tornadoes! Sounds like your having a busy summer.